About Me

“Why any woman gives a shit what people think is a mystery to me.”
― Alice Walker, The Color Purple

Yesha Callahan is a dynamic and accomplished award-winning journalist who has carved a niche for herself in entertainment news, late-night television, and TV writing. She began her career as a blogger, dissecting and discussing the latest developments in popular culture with a keen eye and sharp wit. Her voice, distinct for its irreverent humor, social commentary, and insightful cultural analysis, quickly gained attention.

Driven by her passion for storytelling and the entertainment industry, Yesha made her way into journalism, quickly becoming known for her in-depth reporting and exclusive interviews. Her insightful articles and features, often exploring the intersection of race, culture, and entertainment, have been published in many prestigious media outlets, such as the NY Times, Glamour, Pop Sugar, Essence, The Root and Huff Post. 

In the world of television, in 2012, Yesha received her big break as a politics and comedy writer for BET’s former late-night talk show Don’t Sleep, created by The Daily Show creator Madeleine Smithberg, making her one of the first Black women to write for a cable network late-night talk show. Although the show was short-lived, it was an episode on Chicago gun violence, written by Yesha, that was heralded and subsequently received a nomination for an NAACP Image Award. Her knack for quick, witty dialogues and an ability to gauge the public’s pulse were instrumental in crafting segments that were not only entertaining but also often trend-setting. Her dedication and talent were evident in every script, drawing laughs and provoking thought equally.

Yesha remains committed to her journalism roots and continues contributing to the entertainment news field as a writer, on-cam, or editing other journalists. Always ready with a fresh take or a biting commentary, Yesha’s impact on popular culture and entertainment journalism resonates through her work. Her contributions, both on and off the screen, demonstrate the power of a unique voice, a tireless work ethic, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Currently living in the Los Angeles area, Yesha is working on various television projects, ghostwriting for clients, and writing a book. Most recently, she contributed to CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing, and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush, and her essay received rave reviews from Kirkus Reviews.