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McCain Thinks White Women Are Dumb

Usually when I want to read up on politics in the blogosphere, I head to either the Field Negro’s site or Raw Dawg Buffalo, both of them share truly distinct perspectives on today’s politics. But, as I was sitting here watching the news this morning, polls show that McCain is gaining a lead on Obama, and is projected to jump ahead of him within the next few days/weeks.


Primarily because of his choice in Palin as his running mate, and white women who were Hillary supporters are basically jumping on to the Palin bandwagon. So McCain and Palin wants to talk ‘change’ now, and amazingly alot of white women now understand his version of change and not Obama’s.

My only guess is that McCain is sitting back and basking in the fact that these former Hillary supports, who are white women, are truly dumb and have easily fallen for his gimmick. How can you go from being a proud Democratic supporter and now because who you felt would have been a great candidate for Vice-President, didn’t get chosen, you easily flip-flop and decide to vote Republican because the VP candidate is a white woman? 

Let’s take a second to look at Palin’s views, which are in opposition to almost every issue that women the majority of women support, particularly education and the right to choose. Palin opposes stem cell research (although she had amnio performed when she was pregnant) but approves of abstinence only programs, which ironically increase unwanted births, std’s and abortions (which of course she opposes also). I guess she didn’t practice what she was preaching in her own household. Also, why is it that as governor of a state that has one of the lowest high-school graduation rates, didn’t she push harder to have millions of dollars alloted to fix it, but choose to push a state funded program to shoot wolves?

Why wouldn’t women in America want to see a “person” in the White House who promotes women’s equal rights — not a “woman” in the White House who holds women back. Palin is not a step forward for women; rather, her anti-choice, rifle-carrying views only impedes us.

But guess what? My only opinion is that McCain must really think white women are dumb. So first Hillary tried to pull the race card during her bid, and now the McCain camp has pulled the sex card and white women across the country are falling for it. A shame & a travesty. I can’t wait to see how all of this plays out in the next 8 weeks. If I’m faced with another presidency term of Bush rhetoric, white women, I thank you!



10 things every woman should know about John McCain:
1-John McCain opposes equal pay legislation, saying it wouldn’t do “anything to help the rights of women.”
2-John McCain opposes requiring health care plans to cover prescription birth control.
3-John McCain opposes comprehensive, medically accurate sex education.
4-John McCain opposes common sense funding to prevent unintended and teen pregnancies.
5-John McCain opposes funding for public education about emergency
6-John McCain opposes Roe v. Wade and says it should be overturned.
7-John McCain opposes restoring family planning services for low-income women.
8-John McCain wants to nominate Supreme Court justices who are “clones” of conservative Justices Alito and Roberts.
9-When asked whether contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV,
John McCain said he was “stumped.”
10-In his 25 years in Washington, DC, John McCain has voted against
women’s reproductive rights and privacy 125 times.


  1. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    First I am glad to be getting your updates again. I forgot how much I enjoy your blogs. Next, you’re right. Palin only caters to those white(no strikeout) women who were with Hillary for no other reason except that she was a white woman. Hillary hit the nail on the head when she said “Were you only in it for ME” because it is apparent they were not in it for the issues that are critical to this election.

    • September 9, 2008 - Reply


      Were the updates not working before? I wondered where you disappeared to. It’s almost like retaliation, but what they fail to realize is that in the long run, they’ll eventually lose the right to their uterus.

  2. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    women period

    • September 9, 2008 - Reply



  3. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    Its scary that some of this women or so called feminist will even vote of McCain/Palin, just because she is on his party ticket. The thought that in actuality that Sarah Palin is worse on her views than McCain regarding Roe v. Wade that even in case of incest and rape she wants to have it overturned. With a conservative Supreme Court it could happen. Sarah Palin tried to have a librarian fired for books that she felt was “offensive”. There goes the First Amendment. She has spoken at the Alaskan Independent Party( her husband is a member) as recently as this year, this group a separatist group who wants Alaska to be separated from the Union; if I’m not mistaken that was settled in 1865.
    White women don’t fall for the okey doke!!

    • September 9, 2008 - Reply



    • September 9, 2008 - Reply


      I saw those videos on youtube about the Independent Party! Unbelievable, well not really…but you are exactly right about the Supreme Court, once it goes conservative, women will be in a hell of alot of trouble!

  4. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    Well, it wasn’t McCain’s choice. Its the church people who made this move and he went along with it. It just goes to show how stupid some church people are.
    Enjoy it now ladies. If McCain gets elected all of you are gonna be dressing like Puritans, or lord forbid….The Amish.

    • September 9, 2008 - Reply


      LOL @ Amish!
      Are they allowed to wear flip flops? lol

  5. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    Anyone small-minded enough to switch parties based solely on the sex and/or race of a candidiate is amazingly foolish.

  6. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    He knew exactly what he was doing. Palin’s a damn stunt dummy wheeling in emotional votes. I know I shouldn’t talk as emo I may be, but c’mon?
    Yup, this is going to lure in many radical christians due to *belief systems alone, and prolly some dumb ass wanna be feminists BUT I’m hopeful Obama’s going to whip their ass! No way they’re going to win regardless of what these stat’s and media say.

  7. September 9, 2008 - Reply

    I’m speaking that into existence^

  8. September 10, 2008 - Reply

    McCain does seem to think white women are dumb. I hope they don’t fall for the okey doke. What gets me is the media seems to have a love fest with Palin. She has so many skeletons in her closet that the bones are still falling out. One thing that I notice straight out the box is she’s a bully. She tries to use her position to intimidate folks. Why would you fire a librarian just because she’s abiding by US rules and not your own personal rules??? People need to do their research. McCain is sitting back smiling and feels like he has this thing in the bag, but I have more faith than that. I believe that the women he’s targeting are smarter than that. The only way they won’t vote for Obama is if they are racist. If they care about the issues that most people care about then they can’t rightfully vote for McCain.

  9. September 12, 2008 - Reply

    Great post. And here I was only not voting for McCain because he’s mad old – I keed, but not really. Now, I have more reasons. 😉
    And, you are so right! They had this random white woman on the news talking about she’s voting for them because palin is a soccer mom, and she’s one too. huh?

  10. September 15, 2008 - Reply

    sigh. this whole thing, nominating palin & hillary supporters drinking the kool-aid, has really made me feel bad and sad for hillary clinton. please keep in mind that i had grown a pretty strong distaste for her during the democratic primaries. i cant imagine, though, what it must feel like to see people who said they were down for you just run off to the next woman, literally, and just spit in the face of everything you believe and everything you’ve worked for as a woman. its disgusting.
    u know what though, i also think it’s a little disgusting how hillary is bein sort of chill through all this. she needs to be pissed! get on the mic talkin bout some HOW DARE YOU like she did to barack!
    she prolly sittin back eatin all of this up. just mixed it in with a big ol barrel of ice cream and threw in some ‘i told him so’ to sweeten it up. harrumph!

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