Yesha Callahan

In Defense of Slim Thug

Times must be hard when a rapper, that’s  only known as the guy who dated the 3rd most famous member of Destiny’s Child (Letoya Luckett), has to come out and voice his opinion against black women and offer dating/relationship advice.  I know nothing about this thug called Slim, which is quite inappropriate unless he’s been on a Slim Fast diet. In any event, after researching  Slim Thug, which took all of 3 minutes, I do have to come out in his defense.

Like most rappers, Slim Thug was boring in the early 80’s, 1980 to be precise. It’s best to assume the house or apartment Slim Thug was raised in was built anywhere from the 50’s to the 60’s, possibly even earlier than that. A commonality that was shared in housing back then was lead paint. As most people know lead paint poisoning can be linked to learning disabilities, social retardation, you know, basic retardation which mainly lead to the short bus population. Most people became afflicted with lead paint poisoning by licking window sills, and eating paint chips when they were children.

Imagine the vast amounts of window sills and lead paint chips Slim Thug could have possibly ate as a child, to turn him into the fucking retarded adult he is today. Apparently, his mother just didn’t take notice and allowed it to develop further.  I’m going to assume, they didn’t have attorneys on tv advertising their lead paint lawsuit victories.  Actually, his mother could have prevented any of this from happening if she would have swallowed the night he was procreated.

Since none of  above happened, we’re now left with a rapper who is proud that his girlfriend went to Columbia University and that the white half of her does things for him. I’m sure it’s the white half of her also, that hasn’t admitted to her parents who her loser boyfriend is as well.

In any event, Slim Thug’s opinion on the state of black women, is just as irrelevant as everyone else’s. I’m just going to assume the negro is a by-product of window sill licking & lead paint poisoning, because that’s the only excuse I can come up with in regards to why he’s a fucking retard. Remember, retards are people too.

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    LMAO… what in the world did I miss last night?! When and why did Slim Thug come outta the deep dark shadows often referred to as his career. LOL

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    LOL, I keep cracking up at these opinions on why a black woman can’t get a black man. Slim Thug better hush his mouth and what his money before his Columbia women invests it—in herself.
    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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    Uhm… I read the comment he made and uhm… eff him. I think black men and women should be offended by his statement, how dare he say “…successful Black men are kind of extinct” ! LOL yea he has some issues. eff him.

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    I so want to defend him and say his statements were all meant to be irony. But I have serious doubts that slim thug understands irony. Although I will say I thought his comments were more derogatory toward white women and black men than they were to black women. Seemed like he was saying black women weren’t willing to take his crap and perform his every wish. At any rate it was clear that his experience with black women with half a brain cell was limited by the louboutin wearing $3k bag toting non credit card paying women he described. I’m just pissed that he opened his mouth and further messed up the image of black men from the south.

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    I thought to myself, when I clicked the link, there is no way she can defend this dude.
    I was wrong. You are absolutely right and I feel bad for not noticing his mental issues before. I feel a little guilty for judging him, now. ::sigh::
    No, but who asked him his opinion, though. For real. Why did he think we cared?

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    LOL, I think people with this level of mental disability should speak out more often. it’ll save a lot of women (black women especially) the trouble of having to weed them out in the dating world.

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    I am CTFU! He’s a window licker!! That explains it all. Now I feel horrible for talking so much trash about him. I hope I can be forgiven for ridiculing a special needs adult.

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    I think I would never put any rapper on top of my list for advice on love unless it is LL Cool J, Rev Run, or Will Smith. Those were the only three and I still would trust them too much.

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    What makes this whole escapade more ridiculous is the fact that Slim Thug never dated a full white woman! How is it that u can degrade black women when that’s all you’ve dated? It’s obvious that his dating pool has just become non -existitant bc what black woman in her right mind would want to b bothered with him now?

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    I’ve read the article on Slim Thug..I am disappointed in the narrow minded views of the writer and most of the writers of the replys..Slim Thug is a successful business owner who started a record company from the ground up and released not only his own music, but the music of others worldwide..While dating Letoya Luckett, he was the most successful of the two, seeing that for years she was banished and black balled from the music industry by Mr. Matthew Knowles and unable to make a decent living…All he was doing was giving his opinion on Black Women..more importantly the Black Women he has dated..(remember the Destiny Child song Bills, Bills, Bills..which was sung by Ms. Luckett)..there is even a top ten R&B song about a man being a woman’s ladies know how it goes..”just as long as he goes and buy buy buy buy”…now he could have used a lil more tact and some better choice of words, but I feel what he’s saying and I know a lot of other brothas feel the same way too..but instead of opening up an honest dialog about what Slim Thug was saying..the author of the article chooses to make fun of his weight, his success or lack of, and the fact that he may have mental issues from eating lead paint, which is a serious and fatal problem affecting minority children…but now as soon as a Black Woman say something about what a Black Man does or don’t do..all we hear is the yes girl section of the choir hollerin AMEN..and if I ain’t mistaken, Slim Thug also had some words to say about Black Men too..and yall wonder why we are having so many problems with relationships between Black Men and Black Women today.. a lack of effective communication..but I know yall ain’t hearin’ me..

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      Lead paint poisoning is not fatal but it sure would explain the stupidity coming out of his mouth.
      There is no excuse for making retarded comments and generalizing them to all Black women. Seriously, who the hell cares what a thug thinks about such a complex issue. He should have thought twice about putting his retarded thoughts out there. And if you’re wondering why women are reacting the way they are, you must be retarded yourself.
      This is a blog and the writer is simply stating her opinion. As a matter of fact, she is not generalizing about all Black men, just one stupid (not so slim) thug.

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      @CRJ Do you run the Destinys child information desk? What the hell does LeToya Luckett have to do with this? But since you took the time to bring her up let’s state some truth here. She has a very successful clothing boutique in Houston and opened it BEFORE she got with that man. In fact the reason they broke up didn’t have anything to do with her not being a good woman or after money. It was because he stuck his disgusting penis inside one of these black women that lowered her standards to be with him and got her pregnant. Slim Thug is an idiot and you are an even bigger one for defending him. Are you black? Is your mom black? Did she Bow Down to your daddy? Do you know who your daddy is?
      I find it so funny that a man who is clearly all black can open his mouth to disrespect a group of people that his mother and sister fall into. Unless his mother bowed down to crack or selling ass and he doesn’t respect her. So sir stfu and crawl back under your rock.

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      When you remove Slim Thug’s balls from your mouth, please let me know how they taste…

      • June 9, 2010 - Reply

        @[flahy] [blak] [chik]

        Fung’ke blak chik..I ain’t suprised that the author of the blog would reply in that manner..oh course you know I don’t appreciate the comment..seeing that I ain’t never and never gonna taste balls in my life..not even my own..I ain’t no dick rider..I’m just a man defending another man’s right to voice his opinion..I ain’t gone degrade you Sista or go back and forth with you on your own can easily delete any comments that I make..I will say that I see I struck a nerve with you and some of your readers and at least opened up a dialog where we, meaning your readers and obviously not you, can intelligently discuss his comments, hence creating an environment that may appear not to be so one sided…

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      Oh, get over yourself! It’s called hyperbole (look it up).
      As far as the paint chip theory, I think it is the only defense.

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      It’s always ridic when someone brings up “Bills, Bills Bills” as a gold-digger’s anthem because the song is about a woman RIGHTFULLY requesting that the dude who ran up her bills compensate her. That’s not a gold digger. That’s what Visa says when they call you up. That’s what your landlord says on the first. You ran up that AT&T bill calling your mama’nem? Well then what you gon on this, mayne?
      I knew people were lacking in reading comprehension, but we know society’s in trouble when listening comprehension goes out the door.

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    Because he had a sentence about black men, that’s supposed to not make his typo laden rant ignorant…dare I say misguided and stupid? I don’t think so. Unless he is also saying that he doesn’t have HIS crap together, which makes his rant even more special. Is it completely out of line to believe that a guy named Slim who wears cornrows, with two chins and three stomachs just may not choose well in life overall? Love would be included in that.
    And what is he saying to the black half of his girlfriend’s family? And for the record, we ALL lost for the music that dude released worldwide.

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    Girl I thought he was pushing 40 and had a birth defect. its all fouter for more of blame the black woman. It makes them look so vapid.

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    **slow clap**

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    I almost choked on air…lmaooo
    I can’t even say anything…I’m still pulling air bubbles outta my nose. lol

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    I knew Slim Thug was retarded the moment I saw him and heard his name was Slim Thug, since he bares a striking resemblance to Hershey Park and all.

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