Yesha Callahan

Managing Stress In A Natural Disaster

Millions of people on the East coast are trying to restore their lives to normalcy after Hurricane Sandy. The loss of lives and property can take a toll on people, and stress is definitely something that can happen during these times. Managing stress is sometimes easier said than done when you’re involved in a natural disaster. Below are a few tips to handle coping with stress.

1. Keep in touch
Reach out to loved ones and friends. Sharing stories and relating to other people can ease the stress during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Sharing commonalities can help people piece their lives back together, and also can provide a shoulder to lean on.

2. Step away from the news & other outlets
Continuously watching the news and paying attention to social media can actually add to the stress. Turning off and stepping away from these outlets can help get the images out of your head.

3. Be of service to others
Volunteering can be therapeutic for many people. Finding organizations to spend your time with can redirect your focus, and also make you feel good about helping others.

4.Get back to your routines
Re-establishing routines and returning to old patterns is important because they can serve as a signal that you are moving past the trauma of a natural disaster. Getting back to work, and normal sleep patterns can alleviate stress. These routines actually help your body and mind function better.

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