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Where Brooklyn At?: A FBC Dating Moment

Have you ever sat down and took inventory on the men you’ve dated in your past? I’m talking about not just only the ‘highs’ but the ‘lows’? The men/women you’ve made concessions for, the ones you wouldn’t normally date, but ‘something’ was just there?

I’ll admit in this one dating ‘low’ of mine, I was a sucker for this pseudo-intellectual cat from Brooklyn. I’m not going to go into details on how we met, that’ll eventually deserve another blog all of it’s own. But anyways. The personality and intellect this man had was life-size. He definitely was charismatic and it definitely drew you in. But wait, let me not forget about the voice. Instant pantie pudding (I promised my cousin I would use her favorite term in a blog..there I said it Brandy). It was a deep baritone kind of voice. His skin was smooth chocolate and his locs were always kept neat. It was definitely the charisma that drew me in, because I will say this, we corresponded for a while, and I hadn’t seen his face until the first day we met.
Now, you’re probably saying to yourself that he doesn’t sound so bad. Well the operative word in the above paragraph is ‘pseudo-intellectual’ and another operative paraphrase I’ll use is, ‘unmotivated’. Yes, he knew alot. But what’s the point in having a world of knowledge if you’re not going to do anything with it? At 31 years old, you’d think that the average intelligent person that was full of intellect would some how put that to use? Uh, negative. Sure, he’d put it to use when he needed to find a quick scam to earn a couple of extra hundred on the weekend to supplement his bouncer job at a few clubs. I’ve never met a person who had so many ‘scams’ in their head. I guess the good thing was, none of them were really ‘illegal’, well not that ‘illegal’.
Why was this a dating low? Well typically the men I’ve dated in the past were educated, either formal education or Military education (I love a man in his blues or fatigues). I’ve never dated a man who couldn’t provide for himself and this one was a prime example.
How about this for a kicker? One day this man had the nerve to ask to borrow $500 from me. . First of all, I’m not a lender of money per say, especially such a high amount. I don’t have problems helping out certain family members but not one of them has ever asked me for that amount before. Yes, I have a certain amount of disposable income, but, why assume I’m going to dispose it to you because the dick is/was good? GTFOH, son (LMAO..that was his favorite saying). In any event, after I told him ‘no’ to his money question, he went quiet for a couple of days. No phone calls, no contact. Shady ass Negroes, I tell you.
In any event, that ‘relationship’ didn’t last long, especially after he got word through the ‘grapevine’ that I said a few unsavory things about him. Porbrecito’s feelings were hurt, that it actually got out that he wasn’t what he built himself up to be.
So with all of that said, I told myself that I’ll never ever take a walk on the ‘pseudo-intellectual-broke-side’ again. That I was going to stick to what I know. Men who put their intelligence and education to use and those who can support themselves without having to ask me for money!
Btw, I see you, how’s Brooklyn nowadays? I see you searched high & low to find this blog..LMAO!

Not saying he was a ‘scrub’ but, yeah, close enough.

  1. March 26, 2008 - Reply

    That’s hilarious that he would fix his mouth to ask you for$500. Reminds me of the bum that asked me to give him $400 for a new cell. Or how about the 50 “cent” to round out the $500 he needed to fix a dent on his car? Or how about the $100 to go towards a pair of Timbs? Im surprised he asked for anything after the first time I guffawed uncontrollably @ his weakness! LOL

    Glad you got rid of him…or did you. (seeing as he’s reading this)

  2. March 27, 2008 - Reply


  3. April 16, 2008 - Reply

    hee hee…

  4. September 14, 2008 - Reply

    lol @ the IP address!

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