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So What….I Pee In The Shower!

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There. I said it. I. Pee. In. The. Shower. Want to know why? It’s pretty simple, I always forget to use the toilet before I shower and as soon as the water hits me, I always get the urge to pee. Also, the last time I attempted to jump out of the shower and onto the toilet, my ass slipped and fell on the floor.
I’ll pause for a second while you all laugh.
Ok. Done?
My point is, everyone has their little quirks and habits that may be hard to break. Soon I’m going to cohabitating with someone. Although my sister lives with me now. Living with a man is totally different. Last night we were talking and I mentioned the peeing in the shower to him and needless to say there was that awkward silence. But I figured as much. I told him that of course it wouldn’t happen b/c I would respect the fact that more than likely we’d be sharing a shower. I also brought up the fact that he has a habit of clipping his toe nails and not picking them up which totally grosses me out. So we’d definitely have to compromise. I won’t pee in the shower if he won’t cut his talons and leave them on the floor.
So am I the only one with weird habits that may be hard to break? What are some of your bad habits?


  1. December 13, 2007 - Reply

    lol @ slipping on bathroom floor. been there done that. I always leave toothpaste in the sink in the morning, that always used to drive my family crazy.

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