Yesha Callahan

Lies of Mass Destruction!

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I rarely write about politics or even discuss it once I leave my office, but really people, were you surprised to find out that there were no WMDs? Both Bush administrations have been filled with lies. So why is this such a shocker?
Since 2003, Bush has known about the lack of WMDs in Iran, but one lies leads to other lies, so of course he couldn’t tell the truth. Sure, everyone lie occasionally, but his lie has left countries ravaged, thousands on top of thousands lives have been lost and $567 billion dollar tab!
George Bush is the biggest Weapon of Ass Destruction!

Please people, no matter who you vote for, RESEARCH before you head to the ballots. Who knows, we could be going from the frying pan into the fire, as my grandmother says.
And to those who still support Bush, tsk. tsk. tsk. on YOU!

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