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Don Lemon Comes Out & The Black Church Still Believes In Praying The Gay Away

This morning I received a press release in reference to Don Lemon’s new book “Transparent”. With one eye opened & one eye closed, the only word I saw was “gay”.  I stood straight up in my bed and just thought “wow, there goes my crush”. Yes, I’ve crushed on Don Lemon for years, but not as hard as my friend Danielle, aka The Black Snob, has crushed on TJ Holmes.

I guess I was a little shocked to read that Don Lemon is gay, but after a few seconds, I didn’t really care.  I guess I can’t speak on behalf of someone that is either in the closet or coming out of it, because I’m heterosexual, but I can say that I commend anyone who’s willing to come out despite the backlash they may receive by doing so.

In a New York Times interview, Don Lemon stated, “It’s quite different for an African-American male. It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community they think you can pray the gay away.”  I can’t say that I haven’t read/heard black people talking about “praying the gay away”, because it’s pretty commonplace to hear about it in church. A prime example is gospel singer & minister  Donnie McClurkin. According to good ole Wikipedia:

He claims to have struggled with homosexuality during his youth for several years, but states that he is now “delivered” from the condition. McClurkin wrote that homosexuality is a spiritual issue and that one can be delivered from it but by God; “The abnormal use of my sexuality continued until I came to realize that I was broken and that homosexuality was not God’s intention […] for my masculinity.”[9] He then describes himself as going through a process by which he became “saved and sanctified.” McClurkin has stated that homosexuality is a curse.[7] McClurkin also speaks openly about sexual issues since becoming the biological father of a child with a woman to whom he was not married.[10] He uses these life experiences in his concerts and speaking engagements.

So apparently according to McClurkin, God can not only turn water into wine, but he can cure your gayness as well.  Other ministers such as Bishop Eddie Long, prefers to take the easy way out by paying off the men who have accused him of being gay. I guess it could be his form of tithing.  Growing up, I was always told you could find a church full of sinners & hypocrites, so I guess these two situations are no different.  So the black church loves Tyler Perry &  Madea, but they don’t take to kindly to gay men. Who would have thunk it.

Honestly, I don’t care who’s the top or bottom.

If you’re gay or straight.

Like I told Danielle this morning on the phone, my gaydar sucks, because apparently rumors were going around for a while that Don was gay.  Gay or straight, the man is fine as hell.  I’m a little jealous of the man who gets his ass right about now. Wait, I didn’t mean that in the literal sense.

I do applaud those people who are in the closet and realize that it’s time to step out and speak out on behalf of  themselves & others.  Should people be “pulled out” of the closet?  No. I truly understand why there are people in the closet, but I also, don’t understand how those people in the closet can sit back and just watch other people fight for their civil rights and see others that are pushed to the edge so badly that they end their own lives. Don Lemon dedicated his book to Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student that recently committed suicide because he was “outed” by people in his dorm. By Don Lemon coming out today, I do hope him being a celebrity/news figure will also give other people the courage to do the same.


  1. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    He looks like a lesbian woman! Who didn’t know he was gay?

    • May 16, 2011 - Reply


      a mess!

  2. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    If sisters of color,black & Negro would remove “MAN-UP,mom-mom boy and I`ll grown from these working vocably .Dom would have a life.

    • June 1, 2011 - Reply

      @civil radd

      I bet you that Don has had a life. I’m sure that black women have not done one damned thing to Don to stop him from living. Since it’s no biggie anymore that people are coming out of the closet, then I would guess that Don’s coming out was just a move to boost his book sales.
      That he slyly blames black women, when we be gay men’s bffs all the time, then it’s just a political/career/business move that he threw black women under the bus.
      As a black woman, I hope Don has a good man right this minute! I don’t give a ish about that! But what he ought to do is explain what he means more fully (and maybe he did) when sisters have an issue, it’s with the brothers who PRETEND to be straight and trick them and cheat on them with men! It’s the cheating more than the being gay!
      It’s not about a gay man who is bold enough to be himself from jump street. Come on, Don Lemon! Jump on the black woman bashing bandwagon with every one else. Kanazawa will make room for you.
      If they tell you that you black people are the most homophobic often enough, then of course we’ll believe them. We black folks ain’t no more homophobic than the white boys at any mall, gym, shooting range, indie car track, golf course, corporate office, CNN, or any damn place else. That’s why you won’t see them come out flaming (no disrespect) in any of those places! Why not protest corporate America, or Wall Street, instead of black America and the black church–the place were you can see gay men being themselves?
      Im so done with this bull-ish that blacks are sooooo homophobic! Please!!!
      end of rant

  3. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    I think we’ve all at some point question the sexuality of others w/o harsh intent..well I have. But as you stated once the shock was over you moved on. It’s no biggie today for anyone to come out unless your head is stuck in the clouds where you can’t see your own ass if asked about it. So with that being said, I applaud you Mr. Lemon for the wrath is about to come for you any min now. I can smell the ignorance brewing as a type…I do hope as all US HOMO-sapiens do that something good comes from this. Great post FBC! Much Love!

    • May 16, 2011 - Reply


      I’m sure he’s prepared for it..but it’s sad that he has to be prepared for it…

  4. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    My, my, my…he is a fine one!!

    • May 16, 2011 - Reply


      Isn’t he! and in person..his skin is sooo beautiful!

  5. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    You know, just yesterday I realized that he and TJ Holmes weren’t the same person. 🙂
    I thought he just never got any sleep on the weekends.
    Seriously, I never would’ve guessed that the Lemon was gay. I hate that gay people have to “come out the closet”. I sorta feel like it’s equivalent to telling people that you’re a die-hard Republican or a Jehovah’s witness. Nothing’s wrong with either, but they’re frowned upon by most.

  6. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    BTW, glad to see you blogging.
    Keep it funky and fly…

  7. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    absolutely love the new look!

  8. May 16, 2011 - Reply

    It’s difficult it is for some gay people. A lot of them have been disowned by family for revealing that. But, I do think living a lie just isn’t the way to go. Just be who you are and move on. Those who love you will accept it and those who don’t, so be it. It’s easier to say than do. I think it’s nuts that in 2011 that celebs/TV personalities have to make an announcement that they’re gay just to bring awareness to the country that “hey, it’s okay to be openly gay.” With each press conference, a few more people begin to accept them.
    I don’t discriminate against anyone. I get along with everyone and I can care less what you do in your bedroom. I only pass judgement on stupid people.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  9. May 17, 2011 - Reply

    I think that Mr. Lemon is very brave for coming out. There are many ore out there in the public eye who are gay, but they are terrified of what it would do to their careers. It may be that, or they just don’t feel the need to air out their business and that they don’t owe anyone an explanation.

  10. June 15, 2011 - Reply

    Why do gay keep saying that black ppl. do not care for gay people?
    Gay men are all over the b/church and we know it. The choir is usually made up of gay men. I perfer gay ppl. to come out and stop pretending. Yes, he is rather pretty like a woman and now we know why….hahaha

  11. June 15, 2011 - Reply

    Why do gay keep saying that black ppl. do not care for gay people?
    Gay men are all over the b/church and we know it. The choir is usually made up of gay men. I perfer gay ppl. to come out and stop pretending. Yes, he is rather pretty like a woman and now we know why.

    • September 10, 2011 - Reply


      What an idiotic thing to say. “He’s rather pretty like a woman and now we know why.” I’m embarrassed for you…dumbass.

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