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If you ask anyone who knows me, what my biggest weakness is they will definitely say electronic devices/gadgets. I can’t even pinpoint when this ‘habit’ formed. I guess it was when I purchased my first cell phone during my Senior year of highschool. That phone could now be lethal if thrown at someone. It was huge and bulky, the screen was black with basic green numbers. All you could do at that time was talk. Nothing else. No camera, no text messages, it was no frills.

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Like the Virginia Slims slogan, phones have come a long way.
It’s bad, but I can’t even count how many upgrades I’ve had this year. This year so far, I’ve had Pocket PCs and Treos. For the past few weeks, I’ve been patiently waiting the release of the newest line in the Treo family, the Treo Centuro.
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Last week, I placed my order, only to cancel it a few hours later because they didn’t have the red one available. Unfortunately, they didn’t fully cancel my order in the system and sent me a black one instead. So today, being the gadget fiend, I found myself waiting outside of the Sprint store at 11:35 am just so I could be one of the first people to get my hands on the red one that was released today. Of course I wasn’t alone. After I arrived about 10 other people lined up just to purchase the Centuro. We were all like kids in a toy store, eagerly waiting for our new gadgets.
As the customer service rep. is processing my exchange, he then decides to let me know that Sprint’s version of the Iphone will be released tomorrow! I looked at him and immediately felt my face heating up from anger, because I wouldn’t be able to make another exchange tomorrow. I totally forgot the touchscreen/iphone clone would be released this month!
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Yes, these things are a big deal to me. In any event, after I further researched the HTC Touch, I did find a few issues that still hadn’t been fixed with this new release and also, I think I’m used to the full keyboard that the Treos have. In any event, I guess I’ll spend the rest of my Sunday playing around with my new toy and hopefully I won’t get the urge to purchase another one any time soon!

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