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Saturday Morning Videos- NKOTB

Growing up my older cousin always had posters of New Edition on her bedroom walls. Buttons with the faces of Ralph and Ronnie were always hanging from her favorite pair of blue Levi jeans. I truly didn’t understand her fascination with New Edition. She would cry when I called them ugly, because in my opinion, they looked like various science fiction movie characters. I was definitely not ‘feeling’ them.

Then along came the New Kids On The Block! Next to Mark Paul-Gosselear from “Saved By The Bell”, they were definitely on top of my first white boy crush list. My favorite was definitely Jordan Knight! But then there was the Bobby Brown version in the form of Donnie Wahlberg, his heavy Boston accent was what pulled me in.
My cousin would tease me relentlessly because of my NKOTB crush. Of course she would draw the comparison to New Edition all the time. A few summers ago, I actually had a chance to see New Edition perform at the Baltimore Inner Harbor sans Bobby Brown of course, but I had to give it to them, I wasn’t a fan of them when they were kids/teens, but they did put on a pretty good show.
So in honor of NKOTB’s upcoming album and concert tour, here is a little bit of nostalgia, in the form of then…….
Hanging Tough
…and now……….!

Yes, they were cheesey boy-band music, but, look at what’s on the airwaves now….Boy, has times changed in 15 yrs.
  1. May 18, 2008 - Reply

    You know, I’m not even mad at that! I loved New Kids on the block. My first white boy crush was on “Zack Morris” too.

  2. May 19, 2008 - Reply

    Let’s not forget our Latino group Menudo! I sported the Menudo money keychain. I’d also like to give a shout out to Tiger Beat magazine and the many good looking white guys. Corny as he was, I believe Ralph Macchio(sp?) of the Karate Kid was my crush.


  3. May 21, 2008 - Reply

    NOW WHY YOU PLAYING… NKOTB WAS THE SHIT. I was like a toddler and singing “The Right Stuff” and “Please Don’t Go Girl.” I love boybands… It might be a character flaw.

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