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0-60 mph In One Day

With gas prices still at $4.00+ in some areas, the last thing  SMART people want to do, is purchase a gas guzzler. But you’ll still have fools like my ex boyfriend who goes out and purchases a 2007 Range Rover and complains about the gas/mileage (he’s an ex for a reason).  So along comes the Smart Car, which is being touted as the most fuel efficient vehicle thus far.

When I first heard about the Smart Car, I thought that it seemed like a great idea, because I assumed it would be CHEAP, i.e, affordable. Uh, that’s where I was wrong. If I’m going to buy a car that is about the size of a front seat,  it NEEDS to come with at least the basics, like a radio and A/C. Well starting at about $11k, you can get yourself a little two seater box but you’ll suffer in the heat b/c you have no AC and you’ll have to listen to yourself talk, b/c a radio is NOT standard.  In my opinion, that’s how the Smart Car becomes a DUMB Car. After paying about $18K (not including taxes/registration..etc..etc.), you can get yourself a fully loaded box, so that’ll put you around $22-23k.

Here’s some more “dumbness” out of the SMART car, according to a recent Forbes Magazine article Daimler Chyrsler was touted as saying that it would be the MOST fuel efficient car in the U.S. WRONG.  But it’s actually lower than the Prius, Civic Hybrid and the Honda Insight. So I guess claiming to be # 1 and coming in at number four isn’t that SMART at all.

I’ve only seen a few of these ‘boxes’ on the streets of DC and Maryland, and oddly enough they’ve all been driven by men. For some reason, seeing a 6’2 guy get out of a car that looks like it was built for the 7 dwarfs is a bit hysterical. My son for some reason thinks these are the new cars for kids, so he’s already put in his request for one. Thankfully, he has another 8 years before he’ll even touch a steering wheel.

I’m sure just like the Prius craze a few years ago, there will eventually be the SMART car craze as well. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone with the last name of “JONE’s”, so they will not receive any competition or money from me.



Redman loves his SMARTcar!

  1. July 30, 2008 - Reply

    OMG!! I’m dying laughing @ Redman’s video…he is definitely a FOOL! Lol

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply


      It’s funny, I recognized exactly where he was in that…I miss NJ!

  2. July 30, 2008 - Reply

    I think buying the $11,000 version would be okay for running short errands for large, or hard to carry items like groceries, electronics, etc.
    But girl, let’s face it. The son-guns are ugly as mofo!! (LMBAO) It would be like driving a nud-mobile, and hearing music coming from the inside of what appears to be a carnival ride seat would be simply ridiculous. When they make some decent looking rides, then I might reconsider…

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply

      @robusta barista

      I don’t know how many items you could actually fit in a small change purse and one bag of groceries!

  3. July 30, 2008 - Reply

    This shit was hilarious as fuck! I don’t understand why people would pay good white people money for this shit. The shit is like a four wheeled segway. Who the hell wants to be caught riding in that crap. Fuck saving gas…with all the options that muthafucka costs as much as a regular car!
    P.S. I snagged the video because it was too funny. And yeah, imma use it in a blog and give you your props of course.

    • July 30, 2008 - Reply


      “A four wheeled segway”…. I think a segway looks better and more sense than this garbage!

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply


      Man, segways are a whole ‘nother story… wrote an blog about them!

  4. July 31, 2008 - Reply

    what u know about jones

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply


      whatchu talkin’ bout, folk?
      I know alot about the jones…

  5. August 1, 2008 - Reply

    I love Redman! LMAO!

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply


      Yes, he’s definitely a character.

  6. August 4, 2008 - Reply

    Of course I can’t see the vid cause I’m at work, but I think this is the same lil ‘mess’ that I saw Kimora test driving on one of her episodes! Now imagine what her tall ass looked like in it!!!
    This looks like a modern day Steve Urkel car from Family Matters!

    • August 4, 2008 - Reply


      Are you serious? The big japanese man was in one of those little things? LOL!

  7. August 9, 2008 - Reply

    Ok that’s an ugly lil whip, and looks hella uncomfortable.

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