Yesha Callahan

Donald Trump Is White Supremacy, Why Would He Denounce It?

Over the last four years, the United States has been under the thumb of a white supremacist. During Donald Trump’s first run for the presidency, people outlined the ways his racism and xenophobia displayed itself throughout his life. The examples were clear as day. From his housing discrimination practices to going after the Central Park 5, the impeached president of the U.S. never tried to hide his true colors.

People just chose to ignore them.

On the heels of the shit-show that was the first presidential debate of this election, Trump and Joe Biden faced each other for the first time. During the debate, moderator Chris Matthews gave the leaking bile duct of a president the opportunity to denounce white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys, but of course, he couldn’t rise to that occasion. Instead, Trump said they should “stand back and stand by.” Trump also said the violence in cities like Kenosha and Portland was a “left-wing problem, not a right-wing problem.”

Many people were in shock and dismay that Trump didn’t disavow white supremacy. But why would he, when he’s the face of it.

Maya Angelou once said, when people show you who they are the first time, believe them. There have been hundreds of first times for Trump. And last night won’t be the last.

Donald Trump is and will always be a white supremacist. And those who continue to rally behind him are either the same, or idiots. Or a combination of both.

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