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Watch: Janet Mock’s Flawless Shut Down of Mike Huckabee’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Criticism


Janet Mock filled in for Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC’s “Nerdland” on Sunday and we’re quite sure Mike Huckabee is feeling some sort of way after she shut down his criticisms over ‘Black Lives Matter.’

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer Huckabee had said Martin Luther King Jr. would be appalled by the movement.

“The message from BLM is that black people don’t have the power to stop the violence against them from agents of the state,” she pointed out. “It’s why they are appealing to people like you, people vying to represent the state.”

“Offering ‘all lives matter’ in response to the assertion that ‘black lives matter’ diminishes the black lives that have an continue to be lost, and you should know that by now,” Mock insisted.

Mock pointed out that Huckabee’s attempt to misrepresent King was a way “to silence the very people and ideas that he fought to protect and died to protect.”

“Because, yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was appalled by the notion that we are elevating some lives above others,” Mock said. “But you’re a little confused about the ‘we’ he was talking about.”

“He was delivering a damning indictment against the United States government for it’s failure to secure for black people basic civil rights that relegated not only their citizenship, but their humanity to second class citizen status,” she continued. “When King watch [the Watts riots in Los Angeles] burn with fire and the indignation of black rage as we have seen in Ferguson and Baltimore in recent months, he saw in it not the wanton violence of looters and rioters, but a response to the systematic violence of institutional racism.”

Mock then explained to Huckabee how King saw the Watts rioters saying that “rage replaces reason.”

“Did you get that governor?” Mock asked of Huckabee. “Because as long as you continue with your unsophisticated manipulation of King’s message, and as long as you and other candidates continue your rock-like resistance to the message of the movement, that is as long as you can expect to keep hearing those urgent screams of rage that ‘black lives matter.’”

Check out the video below:

Image Credits: MSNBC/Instagram 
  1. August 24, 2015 - Reply

    Mike Huckabee is a reactionary extremist. His
    views would be opposed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today. Huckabee omits that
    Dr. King issued massive indictments against the U.S. government for its unjust
    policy in Vietnam and for its neglect in helping black people including the
    poor in America via his many speeches. He violated unjust laws. He was arrested
    and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. supporting the building of black institutions in
    1968. Not to mention that Dr. Martin Luther King opposed police brutality in
    strong terms. So, Janet Mock is correct on this issue. Dr. King always said
    that rebellions in America were never spontaneous actions of nihilists. Riots
    as Dr. King said was the voices of the unheard. While, Dr. King condemned
    violence, the BLM movement has always promoted peaceful protests. Huckabee
    belies in historical revisionism since his abhorrence of labor rights, his
    refusal to stand up for economic justice, and his militarist foreign policy are
    antithetical to the views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. August 24, 2015 - Reply

    I watched that on last Sunday and that was eloquent and nicely done if I have to say so myself.

    • August 24, 2015 - Reply

      @Mary Burrell

      I totally agree with you.

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