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Watch Donald Trump Supporters Explain Why They’re Not Racist, But Still Hold Bigoted Views


Despite all of the pundits projections, real estate mogul Donald Trump remains atop the field of Republican presidential candidates. And while many have predicted his demise, Trump’s popularity has only grown as his rhetoric has gotten more offensive.

The list of people Trump has gone after seems to grow longer each day. First, he demonized undocumented immigrants, calling them rapists and drug dealers; then he dared Black Lives Matter protesters to try to disrupt his rally (it’s happened; it wasn’t pretty); he took shots at women, and the need for reproductive rights; and lately, his comments about Muslims have been downright dangerous.

No matter how reckless his words, Trump supporters love his over-the-top language. But they want you to know one thing: they’re not racist….even if they hold bigoted views.

Recently, Vox caught up with some Trump supporters outside of a rally in Iowa to try to understand why they love him so, despite his crazy words. What they found was quite interesting.

Take a look.

  1. December 21, 2015 - Reply

    Thank you Clutch for showing the video from Vox. I love the videos from Vox.

    There is a significant amount of Americans who are xenophobes, Islamophobes, and bigots. So, I’m not surprised at the high number of Donald Trump supporters. Trump has promoted hate, bigotry, and divisive rhetoric for years. To prevent every Muslim from going into America is fascism and that policy is what dictators agree with too. These people (who are Trump supporters) say that they want “their country back.” The deal is that this country is not their country. This country is our country. Not to mention that I don’t want this country to regress into a land where women couldn’t vote, where forced sterilization was legalized in many states, or where black people suffered Jim Crow apartheid. Hate speech against Muslims has increased including vandalism against Muslim mosques in America too. Many innocent Muslims have been assaulted and verbally abused by callous, evil people. Cruz and Jeb Bush has spoke extremist rhetoric too. There are also white supremacist terrorists in America. Anyone who defends the immoral Japanese internment camps (which was supported by FDR) is someone that I have no respect for.

    This atmosphere is bigger than Donald Trump. Western forces bombed a civilian hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. We have the West being caught in torture and NSA spying. Racism and political reaction have always been associated with imperialist violence and war. Fifteen years of the “war on terror”—a period of continuous war unprecedented in American history—have caused people like Donald Trump to spew his evil words. In America, we have a huge amount of Islamophobia, which is against human values. I don’t support Trump or his agenda. At the end of the day, I will not back down. I will support economic justice and social justice.

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