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Transgender Student At Christian University Denied Request To Live In All-Male Dorm

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A transgender student at a Christian university is going to battle over his right to live in the male dorm, something the university is staunchly against.

Jaycen, who goes by ‘Jayce,’ is currently a sophomore at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, and has been undergoing a female-to-male transition over the last couple of years. In one of the final stages of his transition, next week, a judge will issue a court order affirming his gender, allowing him to change his gender on his driver’s license, birth certificate and with Social Security.

 Jayce filed  a sex discrimination complaint against the university on Friday, claiming the university won’t allow him to live in the all male dorm. Last December, Jayce told the school administrators about his wish to live with his male friends. But the university is against it.

“George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community and our residential facilities are single gender because of our theological commitments,” the university said in a statement. “The student’s request to switch from female-only on-campus housing to male-only on-campus housing is one that many institutions would struggle with.”

From NY Daily News:

George Fox was founded by Quaker pioneers more than 115 years ago. Quaker theology emphasizes social justice and diversity, but the rights of transgender students are still being debated.

The school is reportedly planning to adopt a new policy that ensures that housing decisions are made soley on biological birth sex.

In the meantime, the university gave Jayce two options for the upcoming school year. He could either live in an off-campus apartment with male roommates, as long as he legally changed his gender and informed his roommates’ parents about his gender change. The other option was to live in a single room on campus, with the university promising to make sure he was still connected to the larger student body.

“Jayce, I’m glad you’re at Fox and I want to continue to see you be successful here,” Mark Pothoff, Dean of Community Life, wrote in a letter obtained by PQ Monthly.

Jayce wasn’t satisfied with either path.

“While I appreciate university administrators meeting with me regarding my housing requests, their ultimate decision makes me feel rejected, misunderstood and punished for something I cannot change,” Jayce said. “It also makes me anxious and nervous about where I’ll be able to live next year — and the year after that — especially if their housing policy based on ‘biological birth sex’ goes into effect.”

Jayce’s mother, Janice, has started a petition, asking George Fox to stop denying her son’s on-campus housing request.

“As Jayce’s mother, I am deeply concerned by George Fox University’s decision,” Janice said. “I want Jayce be safe and feel included in the campus community.”

The petition has more than 1,000 signatures so far.

In response to the petition, George Fox University issued a statement saying they were “disappointed in how the situation has escalated.”

“George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community and our residential facilities are single sex because of our theological commitment,” the response said. “The university has researched the student’s attorney’s legal claims and believes they are without merit, especially given the religious nature of the university.”

  1. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    This again…I’m willing to sign any petition that will grant transgender people their own bathrooms, dorm rooms, prisons, etc. Just let me know where I can sign.

  2. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    I wonder if the comments will be as transphobic as the last post. Since it’s an article about a trans-male, probably not.

    • April 8, 2014 - Reply


      How about they write for their audience. Obviously the people who frequent this blog are not interested in hearing the stories about trans so stop writing them.

      • April 8, 2014 - Reply


        This makes me sad. I frequent this blog, and I’m interested in hearing about these stories. I think it helps to write about people’s experiences because little by little it can help educate everyone. I’m sure Clutch’s audience includes trans people and trans allies.

        • April 8, 2014 - Reply


          I’m sorry you’re sad.

      • April 8, 2014 - Reply


        I am interested in the stories also, and I am a frequent frequenter of this site.

      • April 8, 2014 - Reply


        I’m sorry, but our audience includes black women.

        All black women.

        If this offends you, then there are plenty of other sites to visit. We don’t write for a “specific” type of black women. And honestly, a lot of the attitudes displayed in the comment section is down right ignorant & disgraceful.


        • April 8, 2014 - Reply

          @Yesha Callahan

          If a lot of the comments didn’t like what you wrote about, what does that tell you? I didn’t say it offended me because it doesn’t. But, LGBT sites don’t talk about the plight of the black woman because their audience doesn’t want to hear about it. What does that tell you?

          • April 8, 2014 - Reply


            As previous commenters have already written, there is an audience and people who are interested in various LBGT stories. We can’t control what LBGT sites write about. And don’t base what we write about because of what they’re covering or not. But maybe you haven’t heard of They cover LBGT stories of both black men and women, as well as non-LBGT stories.

            If we were to only write stories about what people liked or listened to everyone’s complaint abt what they didn’t want to read, then guess what, there would be no posts.

            So to answer you question, It tells me that if people (not you in particular) want to read certain types of articles, pertaining to their own interests & not about things such as the above, the internet is a very large place. I’m sure there’s such a site out there. Or just don’t click the posts. For example, I’m not a fan of Beyonce…guess what, I don’t read Beyonce posts.

            • April 8, 2014 - Reply

              @Yesha Callahan

              The great thing about the internet is that I get to click on whatever I want, and leave a comment. And like I said, if the majority of the people who visit this site wanted to hear about LGBT struggles, there wouldn’t have been so many negative comments on the stories. Light bulb?

              • April 8, 2014 - Reply


                Yes, and the great thing about writing & being a part of a site for women, is that I write for a site that is a supporter of LBGT and black women.

                Keep clicking, commenting & enjoy your day 🙂


                • April 8, 2014 - Reply

                  @Yesha Callahan

                  Oye seriously why write so defensively? I agree with a lot of the commenters. Its not ignorant or disrespectful but honest. A person decides to go to a consertative college and is unhappy they have consertative views. Im waiting for the shock value here.

                • April 8, 2014 - Reply

                  @Yesha Callahan

                  You called people’s opinions ignorant and disgraceful because they disagree with you. People are entitled to their opinion and you seem to think they are beneath you for not agreeing with you. I suggest you do like I do when on Yahoo and stay out of the comment section. It’ll make your day easier.

                • April 9, 2014 - Reply

                  @Yesha Callahan

                  …If this site is supposed to cater to the views of ALL black women why have some black women’s comments (from other postings), that differ in opinion about trans issues, been strategically deleted? This is quite unbecoming of a blog that caters to the views of ALL black women.

            • April 10, 2014 - Reply

              @Yesha Callahan

              Way to show your bias. “I’m not a fan of Beyonce”. I hope Bey never gives an interview to this site (which is highly unlikely anyway) … what kind of employee for a media outlet would expose they don’t like a celebrity? I work in the media and this is highly unacceptable but I guess since this an online site, the rules don’t apply SMH. I’m waiting to see your name next to an article about Beyonce. You claim to not read about her, so I hope you aren’t putting in any effort to write about her either, esp since now that we know it will be based on biases.

        • April 13, 2014 - Reply

          @Yesha Callahan

          And this person, who says she’s a man is included under the umbrella of black woman? Hmmm. Folk need to make up their minds, I thought the whole point of the previous post was that if folk say they’re a woman they’re a woman, regardless of their biology. Why then are you writing a story about a MAN and their issues with the dorm at a church run school? Sounds hypocritical as hell to me. If trans women are women and we must accept them as such, then why doesn’t the same apply here? It seems awfully disrespectful to refer to this person as a woman when he says he’s a man.

  3. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    Stop using the courts to try to get people to accept you. A verdict in a courtroom is not going to “make Jayce feel safe or included in the campus community.” A decision by the members of the community to provide safety and a feeling of inclusion will do much more to reach that goal.

  4. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    the school gave lots of options for this student. what’s the lawsuit for? you can live w/guys in an off-campus college apt, you can live on campus in a single, you can live off campus in a non-college apt wherever you want. but this student will only be happy if the courts say it’s alright to bogart into the men’s dorm? give me a break! this is what i’m talking about. your wishes come before everybody else’s even though folks are bending over backwards to work out something fair for all parties involved.

  5. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    Yawn! Enough with the trans posts.

  6. April 8, 2014 - Reply

    Why attend a conservative Christian college if you are transgender?
    Would Malcolm X attend BYU?

    Would David Duke go to Howard?

    I respect Jayce’s right to be whatever she wants to be, but feel that she is being unreasonable on this issue based on the alternatives that the school presented.

    She better transfer to Oregon State.

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      Thank You! That’s exactly how I feel…. What does he expect from a private faith based university?

  7. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    If you replace any of these comments about trans people with the words “blacks”, they would exactly echo the arguments racist white people were making against integrating schools and dorms just one and two generations ago. “Your wishes come before everyone else”, “stop using the courts to try and get people to accept you.”

    These are just a few but I could go on.
    SMDH. you all should be ashamed.
    Many of these trans-phobic comments are just bigoted. Is it that hard to empathize with someone that you may not quite understand, but at the end of the day is just looking for the same thing all black people are: simply not to be denied opportunities by the labels and fears others place on us and live life on our OWN terms? Guess so.

    Please continue posting stories like this Clutch!

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      I would empathize had the school offer no solution. However, what “you” guys want is for the school to completely change their theological believe. You should feel shame into wanting to shame a college for believing what they feel is true to their heart.

  8. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Unless y’all plan to change the name of this site to BUTCH i have no idea what this story has to do with your readership. GLBTQ folk have so much clout they can get powerful CEOs fired in the blink of an eye. Black women can’t get a bunch of low rent rappers to stop talking out from under our clothes, and we feed them. Yet, for reasons that still remain obscure, we continue to share our limited resources with those who not only have more than we do, but who have never even hinted at the notion of reciprocity. Indeed the only time they’ve ever mentioned black women it was behind a hateful accusation that we somehow managed to get Prop 8 passed. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

    One day someone is going to create a space that is absolutely, positively for and about black women. And that person is going to make a fortune, simply by respecting those that put money in their pockets. And that person probably will not be black. Black people have no respect for the buying power of black people, then they wonder why we go elsewhere. Not only have we had to tolerate a comments section dominated by MEN. Now you’ve decided to go drag in trans men. SMDH Going the way of Messence.

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