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This Commercial For Western Sydney University Will Give You All the Feels

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Commercials for colleges can be quite boring, but when I saw folks sharing an ad for Western Sydney University in Australia, I knew I had to check it out.

The ad follows one of the university’s graduates, Deng Thiak Adut, a former child soldier from Sudan who migrated to Australia and eventually became a refugee lawyer. 

Adut’s harrowing story is told in the clip for the university, which he hopes will inspire others. 

“I put the video up as a form of telling everyone that no matter how many journeys, how many problems, how many obstacles you have in your way, you have to acknowledge that your disadvantage is not entirely your disadvantage,” he told ABC Sydney.

“It could be your advantage if you followed a way with the right ingredients or the right training or the right kind of people.”

We agree.

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  2. January 8, 2016 - Reply

    It is a very emotional, powerful ad. There are many strong Afro-Australians. The Brother deserves even more success.

  3. January 9, 2016 - Reply

    This reminds me of those asian life insurance commercials I’ve seen on FB. They really went all out and it’s amazing.

  4. January 9, 2016 - Reply

    With tears in my eyes..”an still we rise”

  5. January 9, 2016 - Reply

    Oh, that ending, I wonder where his mother is now? If commercials could make me cry (I’m a robot made flesh) this would seriously do it. What a life you’ve had to lead when getting shot in the back while still a child is your blessing in disguise.

    Where does this advertisement play? I only ask because it’s quite long, most commercials don’t go over 25 seconds. I hope it gets airplay though, it’s definitely more inspiring than the annual university rankings they put out in a semi-reputable magazine up here.

  6. January 15, 2016 - Reply

    Wow, so touching! I hope this wakes a lot of those white Australians as they are not so welcoming to immigrants especially Africans. It goes to sow people who judge him based on the way he looks have no idea what he has been through unless they ask or get to know him. I wish him all the more happiness and hopes he strives in his career, what expceptioal role model for young males. His mother would be smiling from ear to ear to see him now.

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