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Denver Mother Says Her Son Was A Victim Of Racial Profiling By Police For 11 Years While Walking To School


The practice of police officers determining how to approach, handle or regard young Black men based on their skin color is one that has not let up despite clear-cut evidence that it’s a blatant civil rights violation on multiple levels.

One mother from Denver, Colorado is coming forward with her story about how racially based police harassment affected her young son far beyond the years that he was subjected to the practice. Lisa Calderon told ABC 7 News that police officers began approaching her teenage son for merely walking to school everyday, beginning at the age of 15. Over the course of 11 years, Lisa filed multiple complaints against the Denver police department in hopes of something being done to rectify the problem, but she says her actions were to no avail.

Lisa says her son eventually moved away from the neighborhood once he became an adult because the constant police harassment and being treated as a criminal in his own neighborhood for over a decade was too much to bear.

Colorado lawmakers are currently in the process of developing methods to track accounts of racial profiling by police, so hopefully this will aid in preventing other young Black boys from going through what Lisa Calderon’s son experienced for the majority of his teenage years.

  1. August 25, 2015 - Reply

    wow; that’s heartbreaking; i’m just GLAD he’s still ALIVE!! There must not be many blacks in that state. The cops need sensitivity training or some form of training in dealing with non-white individuals and they also need better ways to earn their pay instead of harassing innocent young men (guilty of only being non-white)!!

  2. August 25, 2015 - Reply

    It’s a total shame. Black people nationwide have been the victims of police brutality and racial profiling. That is why in my view there should not only be changes in how police officers conduct themselves (as cops swear an oath to protect and serve the people not to occupy communities and harass people of color in the community). There should be a federal law banning the practice of racial profiling straight up. Some officers don’t’ hide their antipathy and disdain for black people. I feel sorry for the mother and for her child that this mother’s son was a victim of tis injustice. The mother did the right thing by sending
    complaints and still the authorities ignored her. It is very infuriating for some cops to ignore the legitimate grievances of victims. The cops or the Protectors Involved in Government Suppression as an institution is an agent of the establishment. Stories like these must be shown. This story is why social activists are speaking out against police terrorism.

    • August 25, 2015 - Reply

      amen & well said; that is WHY there needs to be SOME form of mandatory issued by the gov’t to all police officers residing in one of the states in the union. Said body cam that can’t be turned off by the officers wearing them. That way whatever they say can be matched against their bodycam & if they are caught lying, they need to face severe punishment; not just a slap on the wrist as they are currently getting. They broke the oath that they were sworn to abide by This has got to stop, they are literally getting away w/murder. Think of the decades of police brutality/corruption that went undetected (pre-smart phone days??)

      • August 25, 2015 - Reply


        Before smart phones, these crooked cops were killing people at will. That is why the Black Panthers rose up to protect our communities. Also, the Deacons of Defense in the South protected their communities too before the old school BPP. Robert Williams was another Brother who stood up against police terrorism too. There should be body cameras. We know that some cops have so much anti-black biases that only strict punishments are needed to combat racial profiling and other evils. I do agree with body cameras and mandatory recording of incidents of racial profiling, etc. Also, the BLM has their Campaign Zero website talking about what you are proposing. It’s a great site with many solutions.

        • August 25, 2015 - Reply

          thnx for the info, wow what a wealth of info, u r a walking/taking encyclopedia, LOVE IT!

  3. August 25, 2015 - Reply

    Sadly, I don’t believe that this young man’s experience could have been avoided by simply training cops better. Ultimately, no amount of training can get around the fact that many white people (and, by extension, white cops) believe that the very humanity of Black people is up for debate.

  4. August 26, 2015 - Reply

    They are trained to target black people. I am not surprised

  5. August 26, 2015 - Reply

    Over the course of 11 years, Lisa filed multiple complaints against the Denver police department in hopes of something being done to rectify the problem, but she says her actions were to no avail.

    Why did she think that would matter? She should have hired an attorney and filed suit, informed the principal, the superintendent of schools, the City Council (who would pay attention to a lawsuit) homeowners’ association.

    Teenager or not, she or another parent should have driven him to school.

    He’s lucky to be alive.

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