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Sen. Paul Tries To Block Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee



Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has placed a hold on President Barack Obama’s recent nominee for Surgeon General. Dr. Vivek Murthy, like former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, believes that gun violence represents a serious public health threat and should be addressed as such.

“In his efforts to curtail Second Amendment rights, Dr. Murthy has continually referred to guns as a public health issue on par with heart disease and has diminished the role of mental health in gun violence,” wrote Paul in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“As a physician, I am deeply concerned that he has advocated that doctors use their position of trust to ask patients, including minors, details about gun ownership in the home… Dr. Murthy has disqualified himself from being Surgeon General because of his intent to use that position to launch an attack on Americans’ right to own a firearm under the guise of a public health and safety campaign.”

Paul also feels that the president’s nomination of Dr. Murphy is a political move, since Dr. Murthy’s foundation, Doctors for America, heavily lobbied for ObamaCare.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz defended  Dr. Murthy  as a “dynamic, entrepreneurial practitioner who has dedicated a lot of time, energy, and passion to health and wellness.”

He added: “As Surgeon General he will be a powerful messenger on these issues and each of the tenets of health: nutrition, activity, and resilience.”

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