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Period Panties Are A Real Thing Now Thanks to Thinx


There are 5 days a week out of  my month that I dread. Those 5 days will be the bane of my existence until I’m probably in my 50’s, only because I was a late bloomer and didn’t get my period until I was 18. That day was quite possibly the worst day of my life and I ruined my favorite pair of panties on top of it.

I’m quite sure every woman has been a victim of that infamous “oops” moment during their period. Your tampon or maxipad just gave up and pretty much said, ” ‘Eff it, I’m going to ruin whatever it is you’re wearing today.”  Then you’re left with ruined panties and possibly a stain on your favorite pair of jeans or skirt.

Antonia, Miki and Radha Agrawal are three cousins who feel your pain and understand the unattractiveness behind “period panties”. Those ugly panties you reserve for those days out of the month, the panties you don’t care about ruining, because they’re probably already ruined. But why should period panties look like something your grandmother would wear, or why can’t panties just protect your clothing from accidents?

During a trip to India, and after having a discussion about the period accidents they all had, the three women came up with the idea for THINX.

“It all began while wearing a white skirt to a meeting. Let’s just say I had to go home and change my clothes,” explains Rahda. “I thought to myself, I can’t believe they don’t make underwear that’s not leak and stain resistant. And wouldn’t it be great if they did?”

Instead of waiting for a company to come up with the idea, they did it themselves with funding on Indiegogo.

Period Panties Are A Real Thing Now

According to their website:

THINX is a high-performance, beautiful pair of underwear that is leak/stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and lasts for several years. No more worries or embarrassment – just full support, superior comfort & style. Two BILLION women on the planet have dealt with this situation and there has been almost no innovation in this space…until now. THINX is also the most thoughtful pair of underwear because it thinks of women and girls around the world via our partnership with AFRIpads (see “Do Good“). Mindful in every way with design, quality materials and construction, THINX celebrates empowered women and girls with a superior first-in-class product that we’re thrilled to share with all of you.

Although the $28-78 price range may be a little steep for one pair of panties, the Agrawals have partnered with AFRIpads, an organization based in Uganda that creates washable, re-usable cloth pads for women in developing countries so that they can go back to school or work without worry and discomfort. For every pair of THINX underwear we sell, AFRIpads manufactures seven (7) washable, re-usable cloth pads for those in need.

To learn more about THINX, visit their website:

  1. June 3, 2015 - Reply

    Brilliant idea, but the price for one pair…whew!

  2. June 3, 2015 - Reply

    whoa! i thought i was bad… 6-7. seemed like everybody else in the world was rocking the 3-day & i’ve been mad about it since the 6th grade.
    i’m sticking w/hanes too. i could get 3-4 of the 5-pack at walmart for the price of one of these panties.

    • June 3, 2015 - Reply


      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with 6-9 day period either. It does feel like everyone is having a 3 day period along with virtually no cramps, nausea or vomiting… (sorry of that’s too tmi)

  3. June 3, 2015 - Reply

    Great idea, I can’t believe more companies didn’t think of this or offer panties like these. Even though I like it, the price point is a bit too high. What you are paying for one you can buy some cheap undies for those days and keep an emergency period kit on you during your time of the month.

  4. June 3, 2015 - Reply

    Yeah I have a pair of dear Kate! I used a coupon though lol. I like them.

  5. June 3, 2015 - Reply

    Mine would last sometimes up to two weeks before I had my fibroids removed. Since then, I have a regular cycle.

  6. June 13, 2015 - Reply

    Wow, the most I’ve come across is 7 days (me). I’ve never met any one else with a period as long or longer. Even in eating clean and doing detox, and getting older, it’s still 7 days. The side effects are just way less, nonexistent. But I do thank God for it. lol.

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