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Open Thread: What Do You Think of the ‘Redneck’ Calling Out White Supremacy?

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He refers to himself as Dixon D. White and he calls himself a redneck. White has gone viral after several of his YouTube videos about white supremacy have gotten tons of attention online. But White just isn’t any regular redneck. He’s a reformed racist, who is now an anti-racism writer.

In his YouTube videos, White urges white america to stand up to racism and accept responsibility of what they’ve created.

“This country was built for white people and it’s time us Americans — us white Americans — came to terms with that and realize we’re benefitting from that,” White stated.

“We created a culture and a system of white supremacy that has benefitted us for 400 years,” White said. “I think maybe it’s about time we stop being lazy as white people and take some fucking responsibility.”

White, who says he threw away his racist ways in college, said that he hopes more people will stand up to racism and say something when they see it happening, instead of standing around watching it.

The video below is a little NSFW, so you may want to turn your volume down while watching:

Clutchettes, what do you think of White’s videos and his message for white people?

  1. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I can only imagine the YouTube comments.

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply


      Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a safe space!

      .) <–He lost his other eye in 'Nam, he doesn't like to talk about it.

  2. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    So…….one white guy admits to racism and we’re suppose to cheer but the hundreds of black people who have talked about racism forever get crickets.

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply


      So true. I’ve (we’ve) been saying this for years, where MY burrito? But, (ugh) so many people won’t accept it until they hear it from one of ‘their own’, which means that it’s a fool’s pursuit in the first place. If racism is only true to you when a white person affirms it, you’ve already a racist, you dipshidiot! That said, I’m not exactly looking for Tom–I mean, Don Lemon to guide us through the rain, you know?

      So, score one for the status quo. Wherever you go, there you are.

      • April 14, 2015 - Reply

        @Jo 'Mama' Besser

        The man himself says he is not doing anything special; he says is just doing what white men like him should be doing.

        • April 14, 2015 - Reply


          What *should* be special and what *is* are not one and the same. If this weren’t a special case or position he wouldn’t need to take to YouTube to deliver these home truths. He is doing something special by trying to spur other people into an awareness and sensitivity that will–if successful–become mundane in the future. He wouldn’t have to tell it if people already knew it and his video wouldn’t have gone viral if it didn’t deliver something of new interest. He wants to affect a reversal and change the way people think. Why? Because too many people have made his the case the exception and is currently mundane needs to change and become the special exception.

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply


      That’s what it’s going to take though.

  3. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    Way to go John Goodman.

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply


      Ha, love it!

  4. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I heard that he received death threats from white racists
    from telling the truth. Many white racists want his videos to be shut down.
    What is said is true and accurate about white supremacy. It is a total shame
    that white people talking about this issue are given more respect and more
    attention than our Brothers and Sisters talking about the same things for years
    and decades like Dr. Amos, Dr. Crees Welsing, Dr. Nuller Fuller, Sistah Soujah,
    etc. As for white people doing such things, I have no problem with this. If a
    white people tries to get other white people to reject racism/white supremacy,
    then that’s fine. Yet, that is not enough. There must be systematic changes in
    society wherefore the system of white supremacy is ended and a real system of
    justice is established. Not to mention that we need to support more black
    voices talking about the same issues. No one knows about pain and our
    historical legacy like us.

    The white man can’t free us. Only we (as black people)
    can free ourselves. Once we have true mental, spiritual, and physical liberation, then we can see true freedom as black people. Freedom is not exploitation. Freedom is owning and controlled the resources that we create. Freedom is seeing humanity as a community and wanting all black people to not experience oppression. Black people don’t want paternalism, token talk, or token concessions. We (as black human beings) want freedom and justice without exception. Uhuru.

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply

      @truthseeker: I read the same thing that his video was removed from Facebook and that he received death threats

      • April 14, 2015 - Reply

        @Mary Burrell

        Exactly Sister Mary Burrell.

        Good Afternoon to you Sister.

        Many of his videos have been gone from Facebook. On many cases, telling the truth can be dangerous. One thing that evil people hate is the TRUTH. Yet, we still tell the truth, because it is right, it is just, and we won’t stop because we can’t stop. We a’int backing down and we want humanity to stand up for social justice.

        • April 14, 2015 - Reply

          @truthseeker: Bless as well

    • April 15, 2015 - Reply

      Your last paragraph just gave me life and air to breathe!

      • April 15, 2015 - Reply


        Thank you Delia

    • April 15, 2015 - Reply

      It’s sad that actions like this are the only way to get the majority to listen. It’s sad that a message like this is going viral when it should be basic. He’s a good ally but it’s exhausting that the opening act is now the main event. With all of his admittedly noble sentiments, he’ll never really know and won’t be able to tell the whole story. Only we can do it, but people are only listening to him. The dissonance is the problem. If I met him, I’d shake his hand but not throw myself at his feet, we have had that dynamic for too long. It’s like saying, ‘Thank-you for not slapping me, today’.

      • April 15, 2015 - Reply

        @Jo 'Mama' Besser

        One great part of your response that I love is that only we can tell the whole story. It is certainly our responsibility to tell the whole story, because the ancestors are watching and we can only use our power to free ourselves. It is definitely unfortunate that evil people want to kill the man because he told the truth. Only a coward would want to kill someone or end the videos of a person telling the truth about the system of white supremacy. The truth can be uncomfortable for some, but nevertheless, the truth must be told. The road to justice is a long road. It can’t be achieved with one step, but with many steps, we can reach the finish line. Along the road, we see great people die for telling the truth, but we carry on. This white male shouldn’t be genuflected, but his words ought to signify further confirmation about what time it is. Likewise, our people have shown amazing compassion. We want our rightful freedom.

  5. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I am not mad that a white man is getting more attention for talking racism than a black person. I compare to anti-rape campaigning. Clearly, women got the ball rolling on creating awareness about sexual violence, but men becoming aware of rape, and being willing to call it out and the government has been critical in turning the corner on rape awareness.

    The trick is we cannot sit down if a few whites call out racism. We black brought the question to the fore, and we can never let up.

  6. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I like it and I’d say his outcome could be that he will heighten awareness of white supremacy and that real change will take longer but it’s a good start. 🙂

  7. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I feel very paranoid

  8. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I am glad he is calling his own out on their racism and whiteness

    • April 14, 2015 - Reply

      @Mary Burrell

      Me too.

  9. April 14, 2015 - Reply

    I don’t understand the argument that black people say this all the time so this isn’t anything new. What does that have to do with a white person making these comments to white people. He is talking to other white people. What does that have to do with us other then the fact many black people agree. It was the choice of a predominately black website to feature this man. If he was directing his words to black people or other minority groups many would be saying he needs to talk to his own people.

  10. April 15, 2015 - Reply

    Okay, great! We have a reformed white redneck “informat” saying the same things black folks have been saying for decades…now what are you going to do about the system of White supremacy? Talk some more about it…….

    • April 15, 2015 - Reply


      Agreed, he’s preparing to “pad his pockets”.

  11. April 15, 2015 - Reply

    I am going to skip the video confessional and wait for the movie. I suspect it will garner multiple nominations as this “hero” stands against the odds to champion equality……SMDH!…WP amaze me with their obliviousness. Until I am proven wrong, I continue to believe that most WP are racist, actively or passively because it works to their benefit. If they were not they would end it because they would identify and isolate the racist within their communities. That has not yet occurred and thus my conclusion.

    • April 15, 2015 - Reply


      The same thought did occur to me. He said he is a film maker, and being the redneck who calls out racism is a good way to seen in a crowded field.
      Still, even if there is personal gain for him involved, he is not lying when he says what he says, and speaking out against racism is never a bad thing.

    • April 15, 2015 - Reply


      My reaction was the same. It’s good that he feels this way with a side order of ‘that’s nice’. But at least in the States people talk about stuff rather than shoo it away because it ‘isn’t nice’. It isn’t called the same thing, but we have Stop and Frisk in Canada, too (guess who’s stopped?), but we can’t get people to even admit it exists. His message is a good one, no doubt, but I’m tired and over it.

  12. April 15, 2015 - Reply

    I’m skeptical by nature, especially on issues concerning racism. Although most of what this man says is on point, I believe he should get rid of the fake name and over the top southern accent and simply be himself.
    His name is Jorge Moran. He is of Cuban ancestry and is an actor and producer. Most of his social media posts have been mysteriously removed and his website is no longer accessible.
    But there was one blog Bio that he posted in 07 entitled “Jorges story” on wordpress that I found interesting.
    One of the many reasons the system of white supremacy continues to thrive is because the one percent elite are in control and all Caucasians reap a large amount of benefits regardless of their wealth status or lack there of. Those who claim not to be racists are the very same people that need to step up, speak out an take action against racism.
    Unfortunately, this may never happen due to their continued silence.

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