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Obamacare Enrollment To Extend Past March 31

obamacare extension

As the March 3 deadline to enroll for Obamacare rolls around, millions of people are now heading to the system to enroll.  In response to the surge in website traffic the government is now granting people an extension. All consumers who have begun to apply for coverage on, but who do not finish by Monday, will have until about mid-April to ask for an extension.

“We are experiencing a surge in demand and are making sure that we will be ready to help consumers who may be in line by the deadline to complete enrollment — either online or over the phone,” said Health and Human Services Department spokeswoman Joanne Peters.

According to the Washington Post, there’s an honor system in place on the website. All you have to do to is check a blue box that says you tried to enroll before the deadline. So, even if you actually didn’t try to enroll, there’s obviously no one standing around you with a lie detector test making sure you did.  You’ll have until mid-April to check the box, but there’s no word on the actual amount of time you’ll have for the extension.

But this extension doesn’t apply to all states, only to those people living in states that use the federal exchanges; state-run exchanges have their own rules. So before you brush off the deadline and rely on an extension, it’s best to check with your state.


Clutchettes, have you signed up for Obamacare?

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