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No Duh Study: 3 out of 5 Black People Say Police Have Treated Them Unfairly

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3 out of 5 black people in the U.S say they or a family member have been treated unfairly by police and they know it’s because they’re black.

And water is wet.

The study, conducted by <em>Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, shows that of those surveyed, said they’ve personally had some negative run-in with police, whereas only 3% of white people did.

White people  in diverse communities were also more likely to say police in their areas mistreat minorities, 58% to 42%.

The AP-NORC poll also showed:

— More than two-thirds of blacks — 71 percent — thought police are treated too leniently by the criminal justice system when they hurt or kill people. A third of whites say police are getting away with it, while nearly half — 46 percent — say the police are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

— Sixty-two percent of whites said a major reason why police violence happens is that civilians confront the police, rather than cooperate, when they are stopped. Three out of 4 blacks, or 75 percent, said it is because the consequences of police misconduct are minimal, and few officers are prosecuted for excessive use of force. More than 7 in 10 blacks identified problems with race relations, along with poor police-community relations, as major reasons for police violence.

— Nearly 3 out of 4 whites — 74 percent — thought race had nothing to do with how police in their communities decide to use deadly force. Among blacks, 71 percent thought police were more likely to use deadly force against black people in their communities, and 85 percent said the same thing applied generally across the country. Fifty-eight percent of whites thought race had nothing to do with police decisions in most communities on use of deadly force.

So basically until policing policies are changed, these numbers will never change. And those white people who think race has nothing to do with anything are delusional. Or racist.

Image Credit: AP

  1. August 12, 2015 - Reply

    This study is not surprising. Once again, these studies prove what we have been saying all along and it refutes reactionary talking points about how racism is gone and that the police are 100% demigods collectively. Even from childhood, heard stories of how police harass and mistreat black people. I’m not shocked by the divergent views of blacks and whites on police conduct. It’s a fact that the police institution is a staple of white supremacist system. So, policing policies must change. Many social activists have talked about community policing, banning mandatory minimum laws, and an urban plus rural reconstruction plans in our communities. Structural changes must happen.

  2. August 15, 2015 - Reply

    only 3% of the white people in this study had negative run-ins with police? i’m shocked that so many whites had any negative run-ins with their sworn protectors of whiteness within these united states – shocked i tell you — shocked shocked shocked

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