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New Documentary Highlights Sexual Harassment Of Women Day Laborers In New York

Usually when people speak of day laborers, the image is typically of men. But every morning on the corner of Division Avenue and Marcy Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, women crowd the street looking for work in the homes of Hasidic Jewish families. The pay for the work the women do is sometimes below minimum wage, but without the proper papers to secure legal employment, the options for these women from various Latin America countries are 

“Without papers, without rights, without language, you’re exposed to any kind of abuse” Javier Bosque, director of the South Side Community Mission, tells Vocativ in this short documentary. “And that’s what happens with these women.”

Sexual harassment is a common issue among the women.  In the documentary one woman tells the story of a male client asking for a massage, and another one recounts the time a man filmed her and asked her to bend over.

But when you’re illegally working, most are afraid to report the perpetrators. For more, watch the video above, or check out this feature in The Nation from last year.

[VIA Gothamist]

  1. February 28, 2014 - Reply

    It’s hard to be between a rock and a hard place. You want to make a living as an illegal but then you have to put up with different forms of abuse rather it’s low wages, unsafe conditions, sexual harassment, assult, and the list goes on and on.

  2. March 1, 2014 - Reply

    what is so extremely sad to me outside of the obvious is when he spoke of how their are dominicans, mexicans, central americans etc and they don’t come together as one unit but meanwhile the jews employing them could be from argentina or wherever and they come together… he could easily be talking about black people … same way…i admit I’m not an optimist but i do truly hope one day minorities will come together to be one powerful force against those in the power, can you imagine how much would change? how much more prosperous we all would be? and I’m not speaking of money

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