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Mother & Grandmother Arrested After Beating Video Goes Viral


Another horrible child beating video surfaced recently on Facebook and then made its way to WorldStarr. But this time, the people behind the video are now in jail facing third-degree child abuse charges.

Demitria Latrion Powell, 28, the boy’s mother, Uteas Michelle Taylor, 42, the boy’s grandmother, Stefon Tirrell Felton, 39, the camera man, all of Flint, Michigan, were charged with 3rd degree child abuse, conspiracy to commit child abuse in the 3rd degree, and 3rd degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child.

The video shows the two women taunting the boy about him not being “gangster”, and with a slap to the face, within 2 minutes of the video, you soon realize what’s going to happen next.


The grandmother inflicted about 50 hits to the boys behind with a belt, while the camera man, after bragging about being in jail for 10 years, seemed to get a thrill out of filming the video.

The 11-year-old and another child, who was unharmed in the video, have been placed in child protective custody.

“The adults in this case clearly went beyond what is a reasonable level of ‘parental discipline,’” said Prosecutor Leyton. “What the video in this case reveals is a group of adults whose actions were a criminal assault against a child and that behavior cannot be condoned nor allowed under the law,” he said.

Investigators are still looking into any other adults that may have witnessed the video being made, to file additional charges.

  1. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    I cannot help but wonder why people keep putting incriminating things online for the world to see?

    Although I support corporal punishment principle, if it is such a cure all, why do we have so much crime in our communities?

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      Anthony, I think, in part, it has to do with the notion that hitting solves problems. I was spanked, but not abused. My mother coupled discipline with love – much love, and she talked to us.

      I think many of these criminals are angry, especially at their mothers. I believe when we solve problems strictly by hitting, we are teaching that lesson to our children who become violent adults. That’s only a part of what I see as the problem.

  2. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Well all three can be gangsta in jail now.

  3. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Good! Those people were not dishing out discipline! They are grown bullies using intimidation, violence, and embarrassment as a way to control a small child. Big dummies deserve to meet the jail house bully.

  4. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    These adults are bullies, plain and simple. It’s one thing to reasonably spank a child if that’s what one believes in. I’ve encountered many well-mannered, wonderful children whom have never had one fingernail laid on them; however, sadly, in our community, this type of thing happens a lot! Yes, others communities as well, but I believe culturally, we believe in “beating that a**.” I read responses on other Black-oriented sites, and the majority of people spew ignorant rhetoric. Beating is often the lazy way of handling children. We hit, but don’t talk. It’s quite sick, and now that we have social media, the need to have videos go “viral” in order to get publicity has gone to absolutely ridiculous levels.

    I’m glad these beasts were arrested, and I hope more as they exposed their violent tendencies all in the name of “discipline.”

  5. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Wow. 42 year old grandmother, 28 year old mother. Says all you need to know about these degenerates.

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      Lmaooooo hahahahaha I just left this comment. That’s the first thing that jumped up at me.

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      how don’t you know if the mom was raped at 14 and you’re calling a rape victim a degenerate?

      • April 9, 2014 - Reply

        @Vag Owner

        Please get the fuck out with your out of ass speculations if you can’t focus on the facts of the matter which is her abuse of the child.

        • April 10, 2014 - Reply



        • July 7, 2014 - Reply


          your ghetto ass is speculating just like me you ratchet judgmental bitch

      • July 7, 2014 - Reply

        @Vag Owner

        Vag owner l love how you write the english language ! how do you expect anyone to take you seriously using “how don’t you know” in a sentence! instead of bragging about being a Vag owner own a few books and a dictionary and read them ! don’t make a mockery of the english language and make a laughing stock of yourself !

        • July 7, 2014 - Reply

          @Jontrey dickson

          Your comment about my grammar is full of errors. I believe it should read:

          Vag Owner, l love how you write the English language! How do you expect anyone to take you seriously using “how don’t you know” in a sentence? Instead of bragging about being a “vag owner,” own a few books, including a dictionary, and read them! Don’t make a mockery of the English language and make a laughing stock of yourself!

          • August 11, 2014 - Reply

            @Vag Owner

            Vag Owner, your name speaks for it’s self you’re a stupid Cunt !

  6. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    There has been a continual, non stop, down hill (social, cultural and familial) slide for black folks every since the 60’s when they started rejecting and replacing their core principles of the Bible and Christianity and started embracing the ideology of extreme liberals and black feminist and letting these people into their homes and bedrooms. You can’t worship two Gods. The end result is systemic…..

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply


      Also the adoption of misogynoir contributes to the chaos.

      • April 9, 2014 - Reply


        H’m, I guess that means you agree with me?

        Yes, you’re familiar with the word misogyny but I’m sure you’ve never heard nor will you ever hear the word Misandry.

        • April 9, 2014 - Reply


          Misogynoir specifically refers to the sexist and racist hate of black women. Yes, what you come to this site and spew everyday.

          • April 9, 2014 - Reply



          • April 9, 2014 - Reply


            You’ve been lied to for so long that you’re confusing the truth with hate.

        • April 9, 2014 - Reply


          I agreed with you and added to it. Yes, I have heard of the defunct word “misandry”.

  7. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Note that the media only puts the spotlight on minority families especially with portraying extreme cases. In other countries they put the spotlight on East and South Asians and talk about how we’re “pathological” or whatever despite our higher college achievement rates. Same racist attitude that leads to demonizing minority parents.

    This is just another way for the mainstream media to hate minorities because immigrant and minority groups with high achievement, hit their kids. African, Asian, Hispanic etc. I mean I definitely got curb stomped by my dad before and smacked with a belt buckle but that’s because I deserved it. Hitting a kid with a belt is normal. Arresting a parent, is abhorrent and fascistic.

    We need to think about whose perspective this is written from, before we judge.

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply

      @Myra Esoteric

      The media? These dummies posted recorded and posted their own video with the intention of showing the world how they handled the boy child. The media is just reposting the what was already exposed by the perps.

      I saw the video Monday and I knew that the grandmother and mother would be arrested once someone tipped the police off. They deserve to be arrested for abuse and stupidity.

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply

      @Myra Esoteric

      Myra….To cause pain and mental torture to humilate and degrade a little boy is bullying this was in no way shape or forn constructive discipline.All it did is teach him…coldness,hate,loneliness and how to be a future bully and abuser.Don’t tell me about culture or that it’s ok because I was whiped as a kid.I had to pick a switch off a tree and had a spoon,hairbrush,fly swatter….I remember how it made me feel and I do not treat my kids like that.I do believe in a BUTT being spanked ….sometimes you have to but I don’t enjoy it and if and when I have to they know WHY And know i love them but will not tolerate their out of control behavior…It is controlled and by NO means done to demean them or for my enjoyment…This abuse in the video is sickening!!!

    • April 9, 2014 - Reply

      @Myra Esoteric

      Are you high? The only perspective to consider is the perspective of the child being abused by these animals.

  8. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    What ignorant savages. Unfortunately I’ve heard and read of this happening in many communities, and I’ve seen a similar type of abuse and public humiliation in Hispanic communities. As humans we still have a long way to go.

  9. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    While I am ‘thrilled’ that these parents are going to jail, I can’t help but remember the video of the 13 year old girl who was beat like an animal by her uncle ( turns out he wasn’t even her dad), why didn’t they get jail time? Why is that abuse acceptable? Because by not arresting those parents, that is the message that is being sent.

  10. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    A 42 year old with a 28 year old daughter?!?!?! This is where majority of the issues are coming from. Smh lifetime of dysfunction.

  11. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    interesting. many ppl co-signing the jailing yet on the videos beating girls ppl are defending the abusers and blaming the girls. i’m glad they were arrested, but it’d be nice to have the same reaction when the victim is a blk girl.

  12. April 9, 2014 - Reply

    Jesus be some common sense.

  13. April 10, 2014 - Reply

    Why do they film and post this garbage on social media? This is just sick.

  14. April 10, 2014 - Reply

    This is tragic on so many levels if someone doesn’t intervene and rescue this poor child and nurture him, then this cycle of ignorance will continue and another generation of ignorance will be birthed.

  15. July 6, 2014 - Reply

    I’m glad all 3 bitches went to jail…shows how stupid they are they posted them selves beating a child on Facebook ! stupid ass niggaz !

  16. July 7, 2014 - Reply

    I’m so glad those 3 child abusers were locked up i don’t know what to do ! I’m so happy their stupid black asses posted it on Facebook ! No more sitting around waiting for a welfare check and food stamps cause they are licked up !

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