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Michelle Obama Advises High School Senior To ‘Walk Proud, Work Hard And Be Confident’

When you’re about to be a first generation college student, it sometimes feels like the world is on your shoulders. Your family members are counting on you to do what they weren’t able to do and you’re pushing yourself to make them proud. Recently, Michelle Obama gave one student a few words of advice.

Nene Sy is a high school senior at The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem. and just like Michelle Obama, she’s a first generation  college student.

Sy recently had the opportunity to sit down with the First Lady and discuss goals and her experience.

“Greatness comes from learning from those mistakes,” Obama told Sy during their interview. “Walk proud, work hard and be confident.”

Their interview was shown at the Women in the World summit at New York’s Lincoln Center on Saturday, according to the Daily Beast. Sy discussed the interview on stage with both Ann Tisch, the founder of The Young Women’s Leadership Schools, and Barbara Walters.

Mrs. Obama also gave Sy advice on being a tall woman, just like her.

“I want all young girls out there to work on that self confidence, that eternal peace of mind and happiness,” Mrs. Obama told the student.

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