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Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges Against Officers in Death of Freddie Gray


Baltimore Judge Barry Williams denied a defense motion brought by the six officers charged in connection to Freddie Gray’s death, clearing the way for a trial. Gray died in April of a broken neck he sustained while in police custody, sparking months of protests across the city.

During the hearing, the officers’ attorneys asked Williams to drop the charges, accusing Maryland state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby of misconduct.

Andrew Graham, the lawyer for Officer Caesar Goodson, argued Mosby’s press conference announcing the charges was “reckless and unprofessional” and said her comments that day amounted to a “pep rally calling for payback.”

While Judge Williams called some of Mosby’s comments troubling, he didn’t think they would taint a jury.

Officers Goodson, Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, William Porter, as well as Lt. Brian Rice and Sgt. Alicia White, face second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office charges. Goodson has also been charged with second-degree murder, and Rice, Porter and White face manslaughter charges.

Protesters rallied at the courthouse, calling for justice for Freddie Gray along with others who have died while in police custody.

During the hearing, Williams also refused a motion from the defense asking that Mosby be removed from the case because her husband is a Baltimore city councilmen. Next up, the judge will decide if the six officers will be tried together or separately.

  1. September 2, 2015 - Reply

    So far so good. I hope they get tried together so they can’t pull that b/s “whose final step was the fatal step” that they did for the cop who jumped on a man’s car hood and fired a full clip at him, but was let off b/c they couldn’t determine which bullet actually killed the man.

  2. September 2, 2015 - Reply

    The people involved in the death of Freddie Gray must experience a trial. For long decades, Baltimore has suffered deindustrialization, economic exploitation, and massive poverty in its poor neighborhoods. Man people are suffering. Racial injustice and class oppression have the right to exposed and protesters are voicing their views. Freddie Gray was mistreated and treated harshly by the officers who violated their oath to protect and service the citizens of Baltimore. The people who are responsible for the death of Freddie Gray must experience accountability. This is a stage in a long journey. We know that justice will never be enacted until the system of police occupation of our black communities and white supremacist tyranny is abolished worldwide.

    So, we fight unyielding on this Earth, but we have courage and a persistent attitude about it. I respect how the protesters wanted to invest uptown, because there are massive corporate buildings in Downtown Baltimore, while the poor communities have received lax investments. People want to be free from imperialism overseas and free from domestic colonialism in America. People want to be free from injustice and oppression. We remembers our Brothers and our Sisters who have passed. We acknowledge the power of our black ancestors too daily. Therefore, we are in solidarity with the family of Freddie Gray and all people who want freedom and liberty.

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