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Florida Police To Stop Using Mug Shots For Target Practice


Earlier this week we reported that the North Miami Beach Police Department were caught using real-life suspect photos of Black men for target practice — well now thanks to Mayor George Vallejo this offensive practice is now banned.

After learning about the incident involving Woody Deant, North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo issued a statement calling the practice of using mugshots for target training “offensive and unacceptable.”

“North Miami Beach is better than this,” he said in the statement. “We are a richly diverse city, a fact our residents are very proud of, and as Mayor I will not allow anything to disrupt the harmony and goodwill that exists in our community.”

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis told the station on Monday that his department “could have used better judgment,” and again denied that racial profiling was involved. Dennis also said that he is suspending the use of human photos until the department has a larger selection of images to choose from — and that mugshots of the men who his department has arrested will no longer be used.

“This sort of mug shot drill has been suspended indefinitely and ceases to exist as part of our training,” Dennis told ABC 13. “A policy change has been initiated and the new procedure will be that no one will be shooting photographic images in the future.”

The North Miami Beach police department also issued a statement on Monday, after the story was released.

“We regret that this one incident could have set back the progress we have made,” the statement said. “We will strive to be more sensitive to all and remain focused on being a community-mindful police department. We see this challenge as an opportunity to examine all policies within our police department.”

Source: Miami Herald, ABC13

  1. January 20, 2015 - Reply

    At least the mayor was decent enough to have some shame.

  2. January 20, 2015 - Reply

    So these savages had to be told to quash their savage behavior? Maybe the word savage is over the top, but it’s disgusting non the less

  3. January 20, 2015 - Reply

    Pressure was brought to bear as a means for the police to stop using the mug shots for target practice. That practice was evil, especially when target practice can exist in a myriad of other alternatives without usage of actual faces of black people. People have every right to disagree with the human dignity of black people being disrespected. We will continue to stand up and speak up for the rights of our people.

  4. January 21, 2015 - Reply

    Well that was mighty white of them. The fact that this happened and nobody is going to have any consequences, is appalling.
    People think there is no race problem with the police? Seriously?
    It so institutionalized, its normal to all of them…other states included.

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