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Even Oprah Still Experiences Racism While Traveling Abroad


Nevermind the fact that Oprah Winfrey earned an estimated $77 million last year.  Or that she was visiting Switzerland because she was attending Tina Turner’s wedding.  Or even that she was willing to pay $35k for a purse.  None of this mattered to a shop assistant who refused to show Winfrey the bag, saying it was “too expensive” for her.

Oprah told ET’s Nancy O’Dell she asked to see the bag at least two more times, but the shopkeeper refused to take it off the shelf and suggested other, cheaper bags instead.

“One more time, I tried. I said, ‘But I really do just want to see that one,’ and the shopkeeper said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to hurt your feelings,’ and I said, ‘Okay, thank you so much. You’re probably right, I can’t afford it.’ And I walked out of the store,” Oprah recounted.

The store in question is high-end boutique “Trois Pomme,” on Zurich’s exclusive shopping street Bahnhofstrasse.  The store’s owner, Trudie Goetz, who was also invited to Tina Turner’s wedding apologized for the “misunderstanding”.

“I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing and thrown down the black card, but why do that? But that clearly is, you know … it (racism) still exists. Of course it does,” Oprah told O’Dell.

Yeah, she definitely could have thrown down her black card, but why give a racist salesperson a high commission?


  1. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    The shopkeeper is the stupidest person around. Not only is she racist, but oblivious as well. Who doesn’t know who Oprah is???? It’s always low down people who are trying to act ‘above’ themselves. Seriously, this shopkeeper couldn’t afford that purse in her life, yet she’s trying to be snooty like she’s something better.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Hardly anyone in Europe knows Oprah.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        Sure, they may not know Oprah..but they know a brown face well enough to discriminate against it.

        I lived in Zurich for 3 months & it’s commonplace for brown & black faces to be discriminated against. There are issues w/ppl seeking asylum in the country…so it’s less about her being “Oprah” and more about her not being white.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        Jalesa, those are two different things, though. Racism is one thing, not knowing every U.S. celebrity (even someone as well-known as Oprah) is another. They’re not connected. That’s all I was pointing out because yes, obviously the shopkeeper was a racist moron.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        And? It doesn’t matter if the sales person knew who she was… If someone wants to see a bag let them see it and let them be the judge of if they can afford it. I don’t care if it’s Oprah or Ms. Jenkins from across the way. She asked to see something and it was the sales person’s duty/JOB to comply with her request.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        @Lo, thank you. I was just gonna say that.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Lo, I was simply commenting on BeanBean’s remark that the shopkeeper should’ve known who she was. Of course she should’ve shown the bag to her and kept her stupid remarks to herself, nobody’s seriously debating that.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        Amy, I understand, no debate here… Just pointing out that Oprah being who she is, should be a non-factor when it comes to good or just even average customer service. But sadly stuff like this happens…

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        It definitely should be, no argument there. 🙂

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      I work hard for my money, and if an establishment does not respect me to give me outstanding customer service(esp commission) it takes one time and I am out the door…Oprah did not have to insist to see a handbag…walk out…I hope the owner fired the clerk, but knowing Zurich he probably gave her a raise for all we know…black people will give money to establishments and owners don’t respect them…look at the beauty supply shops(Asian -owned)…

  2. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    I bet this happens to many well of black people. I heard this happening to another famous person when they were traveling over in Paris. Anyway, it kind of surprising to me that she didn’t know who Oprah was but sometimes we need these “wake up” calls.

    I don’t like how she said “you’re probably right, I can’t afford it”. I know she was probably being sarcastic.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      YOU don’t like how she said “you’re probably right, I can’t afford it”? I’m Black and not only did I live in Europe, but I’ve been to Switzerland more times than I have fingers…. and it is a shame how racist some people were towards me and Blacks generally… She treated Oprah like her “blackness” would rub off on the bag…imagine how embarrassed the owner felt, and she was invited to Tina’s wedding as well so I’m sure she spoke with Oprah before or during the wedding festivities

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        I live in Switzerland (8 years) and have worked in Zurich. I have yet to experience racism. However, as soon as my husband told me this story I knew it was true because Oprah was black and maybe she didnt look ”rich enough” attire-wise. My husband, who is white and Swiss, believes the assistant was being racist. Zurich is one of the richest countries in the world and I do believe many there look down on those who arent rich.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply



        What does your experience of race have to do with Oprah’s? Just because your in a interracial relationship does not mean racism doesn’t exist. What do you mean she didn’t look rich enough attire wise? Give me a break. Oprah was shopping in a high-end fashion district. Basically Saks and Fifth Avenue of New York. Only people with money would be there.

        As far as the Swiss looking down on people who aren’t rich, doesn’t even make sense. It has a rich financial sector from international markets and foreigners. Spare me the class warfare speech. Also thank you for pointing out your husband is white and Swiss, so there couldn’t possibly be racism. You also forgot to mention your is husband is European. Sarcasm!

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        @Black People

        So Dolores can comment about her experience with racism in Switzerland and you dont question her, but when I state that I havent experienced the same thing, you question me. Why?

        ”As far as the Swiss looking down on people who aren’t rich, doesn’t even make sense. It has a rich financial sector from international markets and foreigners. Spare me the class warfare speech.” I dont have to spare you the class warfare speech which I believe is very prevalent in throughout Europe. If I want to comment on that and my experience, I can and I will. So spare me with your tone and your inability to read my comment for what it is. Yes, my white husband saw that it was racism. Yes, my Swiss husband, recognized it was racism and I will state my comments as I please. And you’re welcome. No sarcasm there.

        What does my comment have to do with Oprah? Im simply stating to Dolores, the above commenter, that I havent had the same experience that she did, but agree that it was racism because of the class differences in Zurich.

        You got your panties in a bunch b/c I mentioned my experience with race in response to Dolores comment not in comparison to Oprah’s experience. You got you panties in a bunch because I mentioned my husband and how he responded to Oprah’s situation. How about you spare me?

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      I think the other famous person in Paris was Oprah! I think it happened at a Hermes store, where they wouldn’t buzz her in.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        yes you are correct

  3. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    I live in Zurich now and let me tell you they hate everyone who isn’t Swiss. They especially don’t like Africans and Arabs, because I see the police here asking for their documents all the time. I am so not surprised by this. It happens all the time here.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Would you say this is all of Switzerland in general, or just Zurich? Also, which European countries, from your experience, would be the most race-friendly?

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        In my experience, Paris is quite race-friendly – except to Arabs. Forget about Italy. Very racist.

      • August 10, 2013 - Reply


        Thank you! And that makes sense. After England, I’m guessing France would be most racially/culturally diverse. Ugh, I’ve heard mixed reviews about Italy.

    • August 11, 2013 - Reply


      Paris and the rest of France is culturally very diverse but not race-friendly. Some african-americans assume it is because they are usually considered american before being black, so they are not treated like every other black french (african or west indian descent).
      By the way, some similar case happened to Oprah years ago in Paris. I believe it was in a Louis Vuitton or Hermès boutique. The employees wouldn’t let her in, because she was not dressed up enough according to their standards or something like that. Back in the US, she denounced the case which made the CEO apologize in public. It reminds me some black french soccer player wose access has also been denied to a fancy champaign store in Paris, a few years ago. Both stories are blatant racism, the kind of that black people experience on a regular basis in that environment.
      However, I do have a serious problem with black people who choose to spend money there. Indeed, none of the french luxury industry hires or advertises black people. Actually, Jean-Paul Guerlain the founder of the perfume brand even made a joke (Paula Deen kind of humor) a few years ago. Live on tv, he said that he worked very hard to get where he is, “like a Negro…If Negroes have ever worked”…

  4. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Some Swiss are trying to get new laws passed that will keep asylum seekers (lots of brown and black people of African descent) from being able to go to certain public places like pools and libraries…these people are trying to pass apartheid in 2013! So I’m not surprised by Oprah’s encounter at all.

  5. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    OK.. So she is “just like us”. I mean who in the hell really believes that these famous folks are insulated from racism in the first place? Only retards pull that crap because if they can pretend to be insulated from racism, they don’t have to actually DO anything about racism with all their so-called fame and fortune. Which brings me back to Miss O. So what has SHE done with all her wealth, fame and so-called power to uplift black folks now that she admits that racism exists?

    I don’t expect an answer any time soon.

    But her movies sure aren’t doing it. I mean of all the black heroes and heroines of the civil rights struggle, how many has she portrayed in film? Mary Mcleod Bethune? Nah. Ida B. Wells? Nope. Harriet Tubman? hah! Sojourner Truth? Please. I guess we have to settle for Sofie from the Color Purple and the women of Brewster place. So what about Frederick Douglass? Nope. Nat Turner? Nah. Booker T. Washington? Afraid not. Marcus Garvey? Oh heck no. So what do we get? Eugene Allen… ie. “The Butler”…….

    So yeah Miss O. you sure face racism because of some bag. That is some real racism right there now isn’t it?

    Save me that crap.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Oprah has provided scholarships to over 400 African American men at Morehouse College. In June 2013 Oprah donated 12 MILLION DOLLARS to the the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. What have you done to uplift African Americans?

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        OK. That is all fine and dandy. White folks donate to colleges and university as well. And heck most black colleges were founded by whites. So? She is a woman ho supposedly represents black power in the entertainment industry. How is she upholding or empowering black identity in the struggle AGAINST racism in that industry?

        So like I said, going by her film history, I don’t see where she is promoting any strong black characters struggling against racism. I mean if she isn’t pushing the boundaries and fighting against racism in her own field then how on earth can she talk?

        That’s my point.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        Whatihink didn’t answer your question. I’m waiting with bated breath.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      WhatIThink, Oprah has done a LOT to uplift black people all over the world. Shoot…just her being Oprah is uplifting to black people, let alone all of the things she’s done and continues to do. LOL. I think it’s great that Oprah told this story and I liked her reaction. She handled it humbly and with dignity and class. Maybe Oprah is right in saying that she probably can’t afford the bag: she (and all people of color) can’t afford to keep giving so much money and emotional investment to stores/brands that would allow black folks to be treated in such a way. There was no apology. Clearly, Oprah received unacceptable service, but I guess “the customer is always right” only applies to certain people.

      Sadly, this will quite likely not hurt that store’s business. Many people who buy those types of things like the fact that they get treated better than certain people. A white woman who can’t afford to shop there will get better service than one of the wealthiest black people in the world. It reminds me of people who still have memberships to restricted clubs….that’s part of the appeal for them.

      Oprah should just hire a blond haired white woman to go around and buy all of her uber-luxury items. LOL.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        And to the point. If someone says something racist in the media, where are the black power brokers to get those people thrown under the bus?

        That’s the point. I don’t care how many scholarships you give. If white folks are out there starting to call black folks the n-word on a regular basis in entertainment industry you are supposed to speak out about it. I haven’t heard Oprah speak out and say ANYTHING about any of the recent cases. She talks AROUND it and she gives TOKEN gestures about it but she doesn’t stand up and DO ANYTHING to say these things are wrong and should NOT be accepted and that black folks need not support an industry that doesn’t promote them, support them or uphold their interests.

        But she wont do that now will she?

      • August 10, 2013 - Reply


        Your comments reflect the mindlessness of black society. Being able to buy more stuff made by white people in white stores by white people who don’t like you is not empowerment. Empowerment is black folks having their own luxury brands and buying those brands and saying screw the white folks. Keep in mind that most of those styles came from Africa in the first place. So learn some history and stop pretending that everything good comes from Europe, when a lot of times, most of their ideas come from somewhere else and they just charge you a lot of money for it because you don’t know better.

        And Like I said before, giving scholarships does not equate to fighting racism. Fighting racism in the entertainment industry means being able to have people fired for saying things that are negative against black people. But somehow black folks don’t think that is important. And that is why more of these examples are happening every day of white folks calling black people ‘n*gger” and its going to keep happening and giving out scholarships isn’t going to stop it.

        So I don’t get your point.

  6. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    She experienced a rude awakening, of the fact that she is black. I have no respect for Oprah (and she is my distant cousin), because she is not helping our ppl. Plus, she denounced Jesus….

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply

      @Teresa Loyal T Walker

      not the first time this has happened to her so not really a rude awakening. she helps those who want to be helped hence her school in africa. when a american child was asked which did they prefer an ipod (when they were the “it” thing to have) or education the kid chose the ipod; the african child chose education.

      what does her denouncing jesus have to do with anything. god gives freedom of choice and that freedom includes what a person to believe in.

      not taking up for her i was just irritated by your comment and wanted to respond….nothing more nothing less…. :-/

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply

      @Teresa Loyal T Walker

      How many black men have you put through college? Because with her scholarship to Morehouse she has paid for at least 400 college educations and in turn those men are helping other brothers along. And how many blacks have you hired lately, because I saw a lot of black production staff on her show? And how many…? Oh nevermind.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        i forgot about Morehouse, thanks for reminding me. i just pictured them serenading her on her final show it bought tears to my eyes to see them.

        i’m thinking the “our people” may be those “distant” family members.

        yes, still irritated by the distant cousin…

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        I’m pretty sure those black men qualified for student loans.

        You act like she gave them jobs at her company.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply

      @Teresa Loyal T Walker

      not true

  7. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Oprah simply told this story to promote her new movie. I believe it happened to her certainly, but she told the story because it resonates with her new movie that has a theme of struggle against racism.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Do any of you honestly think that people in entertainment just tell what happens to them for the hell of it? Oprah is doing the rounds to promote a movie, and her experience in Switzerland happened to fit within the theme of that movie. As others mentioned, it makes her look regular, instead of the super successful businesswoman she is. I guarantee that if she were promoting other sort of project, this story would not have come up.

  8. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    @ Dolores
    Yes, I didn’t like it because I feel the sales associate probably took those words as validation that she was right Oprah couldn’t afford it. Even though that is far from being true, she could have left that sentence out and just left the store.

  9. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Oprah could have made ole girl her bytch with just the Color Purple $$$ alone.

  10. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    In my opinion, this is why people shouldn’t worry so much about racists and should not let racists keep them from doing what they want. Because no matter what, there will always be racists, just like there will always be rude or mean people. But there is no point putting your life on hold, staying home, and being scared because there are rude and mean people out there. Just go out and try.

    Even Oprah has to deal with it so don’t get too shaken when it happens to you. You can’t let these people ruin your mood and stand in the way of what you want to do. It was a stupid purse, go someplace else and reward someone who provides better customer service, don’t reward racists and boost their egos by asking them for things when you can get them someplace else.I would only get upset it it was over something important and they were the only option in town. Just think of them as mean, rude people who are beneath you and find someone better to do business with.

  11. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    maybe Oorah was wearing baggy jeans and THAT’S why the saleslady assumed she couldn’t afford it -___-

    on another note I absolutely cannot stand when I go into a high end boutique or even a mainstream pricey brand like Gucci (only mention the name because this happened in that particular store recently) and the salespeople want to give you all sorts of sideways glances. like hello, you WORK here and I’m SHOPPING here. which one of us do you think can afford it? smh

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      So in other words the fact the people behind the company are racists doesn’t matter you just want to buy their stuff?

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        I’m not sure how you got that from anything I said but ok…whatever floats your boat.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        The luxury brands and mainstream brands know that they don’t have to advertise to us because they know we will buy their merchandise regardless, simply because we can. We will tolerant all kinds of abuse so that we can look good. Dignity, what’s that?

  12. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    That happened to me in a store that was striving to be high end, but really wasn’t. You know the type: snooty salespeople, not so great clothes (horrible quality and bad materials) and outrageous price tags. Well, I happened to see a dress that I absolutely adored and actually was ready to whip out the credit card to buy it. The saleswoman acted as if I had offended her just by walking in. I got tired of her attitude after a minute and walked right over to a REAL nice high end store and the sales people were only too happy to serve me. I could see the ladies face as I stepped out the shop with tons of bags. Someone didn’t get a commission that day! LOL. Sometimes the best way to deal with racists is to cut ’em off at their paycheck. They may realize that their stupid behavior cost them money and may rethink things in the future.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      [Sometimes the best way to deal with racists is to cut ‘em off at their paycheck. They may realize that their stupid behavior cost them money and may rethink things in the future.]

      Ditto! And this is exactly how you dismantle institutionalized racism. We’ve been enriching their pockets ever since our ancestors arrived on these shores and we continue to create their wealth for them because many of us do our best to emulate their wealth while not owning any tangible assets.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      “Sometimes the best way to deal with racists is to cut ‘em off at their paycheck. They may realize that their stupid behavior cost them money and may rethink things in the future.”

      Agreed. If I was the store owner I would have fired the employee. Even if the employee’s actions weren’t racially motivated (which I sincerely believe they were) the employee is making me lose potential profit. I’m not even talking about the fact that Oprah eventually left but, let’s say Oprah did go along with the employee’s redirection/steering toward a more “affordable” bag…let’s say she instead purchased a $15,000 bag. As a store owner that would mean I lost a profit of $20,000 all because my dumba** employee wanted to be discriminatory (in more ways than one).

  13. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Racists will be racists. There is no doubt about that.

    And, while I agree that Oprah’s response was totally correct, I don’t believe that this is indicative of how black folks should deal with racism at the global level. There are certain situations in which we yield some control. In America, we have the freedom to lobby Congress and demand reparations for grievances. I don’t think we should take that right for granted.

    Acts like these are made manifest in legislation which marginalizes blacks. That is when this stuff becomes a problem. Racists on their own are one thing. But, racists in political power can do a great deal of damage. I say pick your battles and pick them very wisely.

    Hopefully, that ignorant young lady was shown the door. No matter what someone looks like, they deserve the same amount of respect as anyone else. That is not a privilege. It is a right.

  14. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    “Yeah, she definitely could have thrown down her black card, but why give a racist salesperson a high commission?”

    Or maybe find a store owned by African immigrants in Zurich and give them the $35,000 for purchases, rather than making the white store richer than it already is.

    For all our complaints,sometimes I think we are the most aggressive financial supporters of white supremacy than any other group on the planet

    Even some of us with power, don’t understand real power.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply



    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      TRUTH, I believe integration made things worse

      • August 11, 2013 - Reply


        Agreed. At least then (during segregation) we were forced to do business with each other which allowed other black folks to have some money. But we run to white establishments with a swiftness because a lot of us still believe that the white man’s juice is sweeter. I really wish we stuck together and supported each other more.

  15. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    “Even Oprah still experiences racism…” umm so since she makes 70 million dollars, owns a tv network, and people adore her she’s now exempt from racism or she’s escaped it some how? How silly.

    Racism stems from a belief centered around the color of one’s skin not how much you make. I’ve never been fond of people who think they can buy or earn their way out of racism. Racism isn’t Oprah’s or anyone else’s problem. Just because one earns a certain amount won’t change another person’s belief that a certain group of people are less than deserving of respect based off their skin color. Three people can like me but there will be that one who doesn’t. Tis life.

    Oprah (and no one for that matter) deserves to be treated like that and I would’ve bought that bag. I would’ve bought the store, hell I would’ve bought that associate’s pay check that day in merchandise just to prove a point. If I’m making 70 mil a year what you’re not going to do is tell me what I can and can not buy.

    But this shock that oprah experienced racism is silly very silly. No matter what tax bracket you move up into or how famous or adored you are, someone, somewhere is hating you for it and it may very well be based on your skin color. Whether minimum wage or the top 10% you’ve been black, you’re still black, and will always be black.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      What statement are you making by giving people who hate you more money?


      Hasn’t the last 50 years of post civil rights taught black folks anything? Just being able to shop int their stores and buy their products does not make white society less racist or black people more empowered….

      I don’t know why only black folks believe that giving their enemies more money is a strategy for empowerment.

      Its ridiculous.

      • August 9, 2013 - Reply


        Isn’t it amazing?

        Look, I cannot afford a $35,000 purse. But I do like nice things.

        But if I could, you can best believe that I darn sure ain’t dropping all that money in a foreign store like that.

        It’s like some of us believe that you should be able to “purchase” social acceptance. I wasn’t raised that way and STILL don’t get it.

      • August 17, 2013 - Reply


        That I don’t care what you think of me, it’s my money and I’ll spend it how I please. If I step foot into a store and want a bag that I believe I can afford I’m buying it whether the sales person is racist or not. Clearly Oprah did not know the store would treat her like that before going, she just ultimately chose not to engage that woman. I would choose otherwise. To each his/her own.

        I’m not removing myself from participating in the economy based on what a person believes to be true.

        I don’t believe it’s a strategy for empowerment, I get that elsewhere. I believe it’s not in a store associate’s job description to decide what a customer can afford based on their appearance.

  16. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    So much for Europe being racially friendly, huh?

    The disease of racism spreads far and wide. It’s a psychiatric mental problem not even recognized as a mental illness.

    I hope the shop owner fired the clerk. This is ridiculous!

  17. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    @ Anthony..But Oprah has always been a transparent person in her life. She did speak about the Hermes store incident in Paris years ago when she had no projects promoting, so I don’t see why she would not speak about this one in Zurich.

    Comeon Anthony, do you really believe what you typed? Let’s say you are correct in your assumptions, does that minimizes the experience she had? I know for me that I cannot afford any damn 35k purse, but imagine how dehumanized she felt being a billionaire and having a store clerk refuse a request because she was assumed to be a poor Black person who cannot afford a luxury item, or worse, undeserving of it. I am sure it pierced her more than it would me since I couldn’t have afforded it anyway.

    • August 14, 2013 - Reply


      Yes, I do believe that she mentioned the story as part of promoting her movie. Oprah did not become successful by not being smart. When the incident happened, she kept her cool. When she did mention it, she did so in a way that benefitted her project.

  18. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    LMAO @ “Oprah must have been up there acting a fool.” *still giggling*

  19. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    As Kanye West rapped…”you can be in a Benz but they still see you as a N**** in a coupe”. Personally, I am glad she responded the way she did, it was kind of like a Pretty Woman moment. Honestly, I am not surprised because A) people like to envision overseas, particularly Europe, as this post racial progressive countries and societies when in fact you would face similar situations there like here and B) just because you have money as a black person or POWER as a black person doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be racist against you or be prejudice against you. Because trust, even if she DID know who Oprah was I am pretty sure that she wouldn’t view her any differently but let her shop there and wait on her.

  20. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Oprah Winfrey should have checked her and put that Black-Card down and then said see what kind of commission you missed out on, then walked out. Then made sure she got fired, because no one will learn that racism isn’t acceptable if you don’t checked them and let them know that we all are not those false stereotypes they place on Black people.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Yep. That’s how I would have handled it. Oprah is a better person than I am.

  21. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Shes classier then me and most wealthy white ppl donald trump would had her fired. Not only did she profile Oprah the saleswomen clearly didnt do her job and possible could have caused the shop tremendous poor press. I would have been fired. What if she did that to a wealthy white lady. cant say i wouldve been as gracious

  22. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    That is NOT what he said. His message was about us not disrespecting ourselves, showing pride and seeing our self-worth. Not showing respect for your neighborhood is actually a sign that you don’t respect yourself (for ex.). Once you respect yourself, you really won’t care how others see you, hence why Oprah knew she could afford the bag, but decided not to prove herself to some lowly store clerk who she probably got fired. THAT is real power and payback.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      Yes RE Don Lemon and Oprah. Well said.

  23. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    I don’t know where this idea that Europe is racially enlightened comes from. Probably wishful thinking on the part of negroes who want to escape their blackness. I have heard black folks talk about how welcoming Italy is and I have to ask myself if that is the same country where African immigrants trying to earn a living are racially terrorized on the streets. Or where black soccer players are greeted with monkey chants and thrown bananas. Black people who believe they can run away from American racism by going to Europe are sadly mistaken.

  24. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Sexism is 100 times worst than racism.

    • August 9, 2013 - Reply


      WHAT? Explain how? How many white women were held in captivity for 400 years, sold on auction blocks, told to only use certain fountains and systematically denied?

  25. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Europeans always claim they don’t have a race problem over there. LOL. I have been all over Europe. Now, some European men do love black women so you get that attention but in general, they have a lot of racial issues. We just talk about it more in the US. Same with Canada. Ooh, the racism is thick there but all subtle. Of course, they know Oprah in Europe! Rihanna, Oprah and Beyonce are HUGE stars in Europe.

  26. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Can I just say I love Oprah? Also, I would have gone back in there and shown the heffa video footage of my show and said yes, I can afford it and you at the same time. Then walked out of that store. Yes, I would of.

  27. August 9, 2013 - Reply

    I do not think it was racism at all. Knowing these people like I do it was simpy a cultural misunderstanding.
    The sales person was stearing her away from the bag that was expensive to a slightly less expensive bag. It had nothing to do with Oprah’s color/race.
    Sometimes we jump to conclusion when there is nothing to it, except a difference in culture.

    • August 10, 2013 - Reply


      lol. what???????

  28. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    Well according to Lee Daniel’s what Mother Oprah experienced wasn’t racism but, them expressing love for black people. This society as a whole frankly needs a damn exorcism too much hate going around

  29. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    Although racism will always exist, to be racist is still a choice, however the race God gave us is not a choice so we just have to deal with it the best we can…….

    • August 10, 2013 - Reply

      @Ana Alberto

      I certainly have no qualms about the color of my skin, in fact, I would rather be Black were I given a choice.

      Racist, on the other hand, must content with their association with the likes of Hitler and those whose mindset used the color of my skin to enslave my ancestors and degrade me best of the color of my skin.

  30. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    I really don’t understand how many African- Americans have the magical perception that Europe is a wonderful non-racist place where people walk on rainbows and appreciate all colours….. Uh no. There is racism alive and well everywhere. However, as a woman of colour who is thankful that I’ve been brought up in Europe, rather than the US; I can say from experience that yes, the grass is greener over here… But not the bright picturesque green with a White picket fence that too many imagine.

  31. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    I think the name of that store is Trois Pommes if I am not mistaken. I don’t know what is going to take for black people to stop giving their money to non black businesses that tell them up front they don’t want their money. I have never seen such a race like black people we will support everybody else business even though they call us a N* word, and say all kinds of disrespectful things to us yet we will smile in their faces and give them our money. It is crazy. When will we wake up and support honest black business that provides great customer service? Somebody please educate me on what will it take for blacks to stop supporting these businesses and support black business.

    • August 10, 2013 - Reply


      Here’s the answer: move back to the Motherland and in accordance with local law and legal customs, set up a business, using the resources derived from the land, utilizing local labor, paying all stakeholders involved a livable wage, producing equity and sustainability, and creating an inheritance for our family lines and shareholders. That’s how we do it. Marcus Garvey had a point x amount of years ago. I don’t know why we just don’t pay that philosophy deep attention.

      • August 11, 2013 - Reply


        But also deal with a a mysoginist, homophobic, tribalist culture too. It is not all roses in the motherland.

  32. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    If I was Oprah I would’ve lied to that owner at the wedding ” yeah I was going to buy 10 of those bags but since that saleslady refused to help me I took my money elsewhere.” That owner would’ve been sick to lose $350,000 in sales for that moment and would’ve fired that sales bitch fast as lightning. White people may stick together for some things, but would throw each other under the bus when it comes to money. Not only that, but the saleslady is the real fool. She missed out on a $3500 commission just so she can get her racist on. Hope that racism can pay your bills stupid ass!

  33. August 10, 2013 - Reply

    If I was Oprah, I would’ve told that owner that I had planned on purchasing 10 of those 35k bags but because of the saleslady I took my business elsewhere. That owner would’ve straight fired that employee. White people may stick together but when you start playing with their money, they will throw you under the bus. The saleslady is the real fool because she so busy throwing her privilege around than take home a $3500 commission. Stupid ass!

    What’s happening to my posts???

  34. August 11, 2013 - Reply

    I discovered this ordeal by word of Paul Mooney. Oprah’s twitter response sent chills down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. She knew damn well she could have paid for that bag – the fact that she said that it was ‘too expensive’ FOR THE RICHEST BLACK WOMAN IN THE WORLD?!


    If that’s not kissing A** I don’t know what is.

  35. August 12, 2013 - Reply

    I don’t even think this really qualifies as racism. Not on a real serious level.

    Now if she had said n*gger get the hell out of our store that would be different.

    It is really more of a diversion from REAL racism like Riley Cooper and other folks and other events….

  36. August 12, 2013 - Reply

    @ mammycomplexes

    That why it kills me when black from other countries talk like there is no racism going on in their countries. Also they look down on us for talking about race so much.

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