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Eric Garner’s Daughter Says She’s Considering a Run For Congress

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Erica Garner’s father’s death was caught on camera, as police literally choked the life out of him. Eric Garner’s death capture nationwide attention and sparked protests against police brutality and now his 25-year-old daughter is considering a run for Congress against Rep. Dan Donovan, the former Staten Island district attorney who she claims didn’t deliver justice for her father.

“I’m considering it,” Erica told the NY Post.

Donovan used Garner’s death to launch his political career, after he convened the grand jury that cleared Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death.

“He’s been promoted,” she said. “He had a platform off my dad’s dead body to run for Congress, and that’s why he did it. It was a political move.”

Erica has been advised to get advice from local politicians and officials to help her map out her run.

“Her first step would ­really be to meet with leadership and make the case of what does she bring not only to the position but to Staten Island and Brooklyn [voters],” said Staten Island Democratic Assemblyman Matthew Titone.

Although Erica is the only Democrat who has expressed interest in challenging Donovan, some people feel that winning would be a long shot.

  1. December 18, 2015 - Reply

    I don’t know what her qualifications are but she has the right idea. Instead of voting this kind of evil into congress, more of our own need to be uplifted to positions of power, both local and federal. I’m not sure what the stats are on how many black people actually run for elected positions but I’m sure if we had better choices and a better turn out at the voting booth we could help clean up congress. political corruption not withstanding…

  2. December 18, 2015 - Reply

    She has every right to run if she desires to. She is an American citizen. Also, we have to develop more of political independence. Both major capitalist parties (whom many of them are overtly brought and paid for by Big Business, Big Insurance, Big Agra, Big Oil, and other corporate interests) are complicit in trying to strife the power of third parties. They are also complicit in advancing imperialism, gentrification, the mass incarceration system, austerity, and other evils in America. So, I do encourage black people to run for office as Independents and we need more strong, progressive voices. Erica Garner and her family has been through so much. It is a total disgrace that the murderers of Eric Garner has not even experienced a trial. Even medical workers in that incident delayed their responses in helping Eric Garner. So, I have total opposition to the epidemic of police terrorism. If I was running for office, I would be overt in calling for living wages, for peace, for justice, for equality for all, for an end to the War on Drugs (to be replaced with alternative), for environmental justice, and for a radical, revolutionary change in society where the poor, the workers, and all benefit. I wish the best for Sister Erica Garner. More black voices (who care for the people) should be in office.

    RIP Eric Garner.

    #Black Lives Mater.

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