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Tomorrow Is International Pretty Brown Girl Day


Established during Black History Month in 2012, International Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Day embodies the mission of the Pretty Brown Girl Movement to celebrate the shades of brown all over the world, while inspiring positive self-esteem and confidence. This celebratory day takes place each year on the fourth Saturday of February during Black History Month.

“This is a day of camaraderie, for girls of all ages to have fun, bond with others and reflect on their inner beauty,” says PBG Founder Sheri Crawley.

The movement, which was sparked by the native Detroiter and her husband’s creation of the Pretty Brown Girl Doll “Laila,” quickly developed into a full product line and platform of dialogue and engaging activity for girls ages 5-18.

Launched on PBG Day 2013, there are now 85 Pretty Brown Girl Self-Esteem Clubs throughout the U.S and six in Metro Detroit. In addition, the first three collegiate Clubs were announced in 2013 on the campuses of Spelman, the University of Michigan and DePaul University. There are already over 350 members that are now benefiting from healthy discussions based on the Pretty Brown Girl Pledge in a celebratory environment. Girls can bond, meet new friends and learn to love the skin they’re in says Sheri Crawley. The concept for the movement was inspired by Sheri and Corey Crawley’s two daughters and their experience with skin tone related issues when they relocated back to Michigan.

The Pretty Brown Girl Club is the first gender specific national club for girls whose mission is to address skin tone and self-esteem as well as character building, leadership development and community service. “It is long overdue and our girls need a healing to combat the hundreds of years of negative messaging received through slavery, mass media and society at large,” says Crawley.

In a setting just for girls, they can connect with each other and a Club Leader who can invest in them through dialogue and activities and help them grow in their understanding their self-worth and discover the answers to the questions they face. The organization also offers principals and school districts a revolutionary After School K-12 model that supports Common Core Standards with a 15-week instructionally designed package for groups of 15 or more students.

All are invited to join the movement and celebrate Pretty Brown Girl Day by uplifting, empowering, and encouraging girls to love the skin they are in. There will be flagship events in Atlanta and Detroit, as well as community celebrations nationwide. More details can be found on the company website at

Parents, schools, churches and organizations can learn more by or calling 800-514-8559.

  1. February 21, 2014 - Reply

    why is there no “handsome brown boy day” to be fair and equal

    • February 21, 2014 - Reply


      Why don’t you fellas get together and start one?

    • February 21, 2014 - Reply


      There are already support groups for boys. We in the Black community, have spent a lot of time creating support groups for boys and discussing the problems that they face (which are many), while sometimes the need of Black girls are ignored.

  2. February 21, 2014 - Reply

    Congrats on posting the first false equivalency comment!

  3. February 21, 2014 - Reply

    I am so happy about this. I have a deep concern for our little Brown girls as they grow up in a world that does everything in its power to devalue them!

    I definitely want to get involve!

  4. February 21, 2014 - Reply

    I support it! I am the father of three pretty brown girls (two living.)

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