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Substitute Teacher Fired Over Sex Allegations

The hallways of Cosby High School, in Midlothian, Virginia, are probably buzzing with gossip about a former student and recently fired substitute teacher. Justin Foster thought it would be a great idea to let his Twitter followers know that he had naked photos of his former substitute teacher, Anna Michelle Waters. Not only did he post the photos on Twitter, but he also posted screenshots of text messages shared between the two of them. One text message from the teacher stated, “Of course you do. You’re fucking the substitute. That’s like you’re whole class’ fantasy”.  This substitute teacher also doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.

Cosby High School officials were tipped off about the relationship last week, and launched an investigation. As of last Friday, Waters was terminated. “The morning of October 12, 2012, Chesterfield Schools was made aware of an allegation made by a recent graduate regarding a substitute teacher,” Shawn Smith, spokesman for Chesterfield Schools told WTVR. “Chesterfield Police were immediately contacted.” “An immediate school investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher is no longer employed as of the end of that very same day,” said Smith.

But that hasn’t stopped Foster from basking in the glow of sexing a teacher. From his Twitter account, @dubveeu, he’s retweeted comments from all of his ‘fans’. Many of them have labeled him a legend.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why these teachers get caught up in sexual relationships with their students. I’m pretty sure Waters is now regretting every last-minute of it, while being jobless. Foster on the other hand, allegedly did this as part of an initiation process into a fraternity.



  1. October 20, 2012 - Reply

    I’m getting a little sick of this battle between your you’re/there their they’re. Not sure why this became a “thing” but it always makes the person pointing out the mistake look worse than the person who made the mistake to me.

    On topic: What irks me tremendously about child predators is the double standard towards female child predators. I cringe every time people joke about effing the female teacher being every boy’s fantasy, etc. First of all, boys aren’t the only kids with raging hormones being misdirected at their elders — I remember snickering and whispering with my girlfriends in junior and senior high school about the cute teachers, but our silly crushes wouldn’t have made it ok for any of those grown men to take us up on those desires. I’m disgusted when when people try to downplay the effects of grown women doing exactly that to developing boys. That said, I hope she gets the book thrown at her and I hope this boy doesn’t grow to be a predator himself.

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