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Men Caught With Their Pants Down and Shirts Off

Let’s face it, people cheat. People are reckless and careless and feel they are invincible. For the record, the people I’m referring to right now, happen to be men. Sure, women cheat as well, but that’s a different post for a different time.

Personally, I’ve never cheated, but I’ve been put in some compromising situations by a few men that were cheating on their significant other or attempting to. In certain instances compromising would be considered an understatement.  In my opinion, when a person willingly puts another person in any type of compromising situation, especially when done intentionally, the last thing they should be is shocked when shit hits the fan.

What cheaters and those who attempt to cheat fail to realize, while they’re in the midst of doing their dirt, are the consequences. Most operate with this false sense of ‘above the law’ mentality which leads them to believe that they’re never going to get caught. What they fail to realize is that  when they finally get caught, they’re getting caught BIG.

This is when wives and girlfriends are on the receiving end of that infamous phone call or email from the other woman. Or when lewd texts and photos are being plastered on tv screens and they’ve become the butt of jokes for the late night talk shows of the world.

In a perfect world, people would learn from others people mistakes. Apparently Weiner didn’t watch any of the news back in February. But allowed himself to be Chris Lee’d.


Where one person immediately admitted what they did and made a speedy exit (more than likely because of the possibility of transvestites coming forward), Weiner’s big mistake was lying from the jump then getting on television and imitating Jimmy Swaggert and crying.  Let’s not forget the whole conversation of ‘is it actually cheating?’ and the whole non-sex scandal.

People fail to realize that one lie leads to another and the truth exploding in your face.

I’m pretty sure there will be other instances where someone’s cheating and ‘preludes to cheating’ has career and family ending potential, because we live in a world where people can’t seem to learn from other people’s mistakes. Also, we live in a world where politicians need to stay away from the internet. How many more will end up getting Chris Lee’d or Weinered if they can’t learn the do’s and don’ts of the internet.

  1. June 8, 2011 - Reply

    You know GOOD and well that people who cheat and hunt to cheat as a practice can’t go sit their asses down and stay off the internet. They think in their small devious minds that the internet is too vast for them to get caught…dummies.
    I don’t get the whole “take-a-pic-and-post-it” when your name and face are on TV and you can be exposed off the strength of someone just wanting to see your silly ass make excuses. *smh*

    • June 8, 2011 - Reply


      It’ll never end…

  2. June 10, 2011 - Reply

    Cheating is all about having your proverbial cake and eating it too. My father used to always say that there was nothing wrong with a man looking at the menu as long as he ate at home.
    30 years later that statement still makes perfect sense to me.

  3. June 13, 2011 - Reply

    Me and my bf had a convo about why cheaters can’t seem to cheat right (which ended with each of us giving each other the side eye lol). I don’t understand how and why people just keep getting caught up, especially these celebs, religious/political figures, etc. The average person is allowed to be an idiot when it comes to these things because odds are their business is not gonna be headline news. But when your every move is already being watched why would you add more fuel to the fire and then not even moderately cover your tracks. smh

    • July 6, 2011 - Reply

      @Lady Ngo

      LOL @ the side eye between you and your BF. And I couldn’t agree more with everything else you said. It’s almost like a mixture of invincibility and increased stupidity for celebrities (politicians).

  4. July 6, 2011 - Reply

    Weiner definitely should have learned from Chris Lee. But Weiner’d (Weinered), just sounds better. I’m looking for this term to be entered into a dictionary or at the least, some “HILL” incoming freshman orientation package.

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