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There She Blows!

Last Wednesday was the last time I was able to breathe through my nose! Last Thursday was the last time I was able to taste any food. Today it feels as though I have a golf ball stuck in my throat. I seriously hate being sick!

I haven’t been into my office since last Wednesday. I’m the type of person who refuses to walk around the office sneezing, coughing and spreading my germs, and I appreciate the fact that most of my coworkers have no problem in calling out sick.
The funny thing about me when I’m sick is that I get bursts of energy out of nowhere. Today I was speaking with a friend in San Diego, and they asked what have I done all day today. So I told him:

  1. Cleaned out my two car garage
  2. Cleaned my deck and straightened up my patio furniture
  3. Pulled the grills out so I could get motivated to grill this weekend
  4. Cleaned out the shed and broke down some boxes that have been taking up space in it
  5. Waxed my wood floors in the living room and dining room
  6. Plucked my eyebrows

Now, if I hadn’t been sick, I would have quickly found someone to do items 1-5 for me (no one messes w/my eyebrows but me), but when I’m sick I have the strength of Job. I finally finished everything around 5pm today, so I retreated to my bedroom. All of a sudden, a wave of dizziness hit me and I immediately fell back onto my bed. I guess the wave of energy had to end eventually.

My son and nephew walked into the room and they immediately said, “We’re hungry”.


After doing all of those errands around my house, I totally forgot about dinner! Soon after they asked the question, my phone rang, and I answered it. My friend Scott asked to speak to me, and I’m like, “HELLO?? This is ME!”, he said, “Oh, my bad, you sound like a dude”, wow, thanks, I thought to myself. So I gave him my woe is me story and like a true friend, he came by with pizzas and soda in hand! If I wasn’t sick, I would have planted a big one on him. He was definitely a life saver! Dinner was saved. And I was even lucky enough to have him stick around to make sure the boys showered and made it to sleep on time.

So here I am, drowsy, but restless. I have to pull it together to make it in to work tomorrow and on top of that I have a conference to attend on Thursday & Friday. Being that the meds haven’t been working, I’m about to pull one of Grandma’s home remedies out. Although she recommended some hot Rock & Rye , I think I might have to stick to something that won’t have me hung over in the morning!

So if anyone has any home remedies for a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and post nasal, please by all means, let me know!

Bird Flu ~M.I.A


  1. May 14, 2008 - Reply

    do one of the following for your sore throat: gargle with warm water and salt; drink plenty of tea with honey and lemon (that won’t really help, but it’ll make you feel better);if you’re daring, put pepper on the end of a butter knife and carefully touch your uvula(it usually hangs down lower than normal when you throat is sore)for whatever reason, the pepper will raise the uvula.

    As for the stuffy nose, good ol’ Vicks vapor rub on your temples helps alot(you can also put some on the soles of your feet at night, put socks on~they prolly won’t stay on all night~but by morning you’ll feel great).


  2. May 16, 2008 - Reply


    My name is Kamakula and I’m a lurker.

  3. May 16, 2008 - Reply

    JaBe~ Thanks, I’ve never tried the pepper before until the other night and it worked!

    kamakula~ Welcome!

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