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I Can’t Come Up With A Title


Just like the title says, I couldn’t come up with a title, and since I can’t leave it blank. It is what it is.

To say that my life was a bit crazy last month, would be the ultimate understatement.  There was that one week where I pretty much locked myself in my room and hardly spoke to anyone besides a handful of friends. Sleeping and eating were not priorities. My main priority at that time was keeping my sanity.  If it were not for the handful of friends & family in my life that were in my corner, as well as the hundreds of emails from complete strangers, I’m pretty sure I would have lost it.

I didn’t and don’t plan on it.

Losing is not something I’m accustomed to, regardless of what obstacles are thrown my way, or even the ones I’ve put there myself. Losing isn’t possible when you have a small circle of people who are in your corner regardless of the situation and are privy to certain details of your life that not too many people are, and rightfully so.

Eric B & Rakim said it best in Paid in Full, “Thinking of a master plan..Cuz ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand”.

When you have people in your life that support your “master plan”, everything else is moot.

My family is something that I don’t often speak about, but they were there when I needed them. From my mother getting rid of people camped outside of my house, to my cousin at NPR offering advice and  countless other family members who didn’t stop praying or being supportive.

I’m also extremely grateful to have friends like  Danielle, Michael, Sandra D, Nikki, Pele, Genoa, Toya & Whitney that offered more than a shoulder to lean on. I remember one night in particular, I tried to have a night out with Toya, Danielle & Nikki.  I ended up in the hallway of the POV Lounge at the W Hotel in tears with Nikki. It was a much needed cry, and they understood when I excused myself that night.

They say with every dark cloud there’s a silver lining.

My silver lining’s name is Angela Nissel and I love this woman to DEATH. A few weeks ago, during my trip to Los Angeles, I hugged her so hard but she deserved so much more.  I’m not going to speak on what else has been going on in my life recently, because…well…I can’t…but I owe her my 2nd born. I hope she’s accepting of  babies born from sperm donors and invitro, since that’s probably the only way I’m having another one, procreation the old fashioned way isn’t something I see in my future.

I was always told when life hands you lemons, put them in a pillowcase and beat the shit out of life, or the person that handed them to you in the first place. I’m pretty sure that’s better than some sour ass lemonade anyways. Well, I’m also sure that’s not how the saying goes, but whatever, it works for me.

So for the next few months, I’m beating the crap out of  life and writing about how crazy mine has been. Eventually there will be lemonade (spiked with Vodka) toasts to all of the douche bags that have made every thing possible.



  1. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    You have an amazing sense of humor. Glad to read you’re doing great!

  2. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    LMAO @ Lemons in a pillowcase
    GIrl, you are crazy! Only you would say something like this!!

  3. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    Seems like you’re in good hands!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    I think I know how you feel…the reward is often worth the fight, even when you can’t see it because you’re in the midst…

  5. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    Keep being you and staying true to yourself. I enjoy your writing and I’m sure your experiences over the past few months have only strengthened you and given you some really interesting things to talk about.

  6. March 8, 2011 - Reply

    🙂 you’re awesome!

  7. March 9, 2011 - Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Continue to be encouraged and inspired. The only place to go, now, is UP UP UP! 🙂

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