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Caution: Curves Ahead

Today I was happy to read that there are still men who love a woman with ‘meat’ on her bones. Over at Single Black Male, he writes about how he prefers a thicker woman, such as Tocarra. Ironically, if I was a guy, I’d prefer her too. I guess I would fall into the ‘thicker’ category as well. At 5’10+ and a curvaceous size 10, I’m no light weight, but I’m no heavy weight either.

Now, I can’t say that being this size hasn’t always had it’s advantages. One of the most prevalent disadvantages is my love for premium denim, i.e, jeans. For some reason a lot of them just aren’t made for women with ample ‘ass-ets’, if you know what I mean. I pray for the day when I can find a pair that will not only fit perfectly in the waist area, but also a pair that won’t gap out in the butt area. So far I’ve only been able to stick to two brands recently and those are Gap (which doesn’t count as premium) and Rock & Republic jeans.

Now, when you’re also tall, there’s the added issue of finding shoes! I think from the age of 12, I’ve always been a size 10/10 1/2 (sometimes an 11 if it’s a European made shoe). Finding fashionable shoes  just wasn’t an easy ‘feet’. Growing up I spent a lot of time in sneakers and preppy deck shoes or penny loafers, because that’s all my mother could find for me. Nowadays, it’s a little easier to find a pair of fashionable shoes, from brands like Nine West…but…now I don’t even have to look that far. My partner in crime, Yashieka, has an online boutique, Aux Pieds De Shoes & Accessories, that specializes in fashionable shoes that come in larger sizes.

At one point in my life, the only thing that I wanted to change was my breast size. Compared to my mother and younger sisters (who are alot thinner that I am), I’m ‘small’, even though I’m a “C”, but they’re “D’s”. But after seeing how much trouble they had with back issues and finding shirts/blouses that fit appropriately, you know, I’ll keep my “C’s” and be happy. I doubt I’ll ever be smaller than a size 10 and honestly, anything smaller just won’t look right. I refuse to walk around looking like a lollipop with massive hair. Hmmmm…now that I think of it, I think my hair might weigh a few pounds on it’s own (keep the jokes to a minimum, Yashieka!).  Anyways, I’m grateful for my parents genes that have given me this body, there’s nothing on it I would change.

  1. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    All I have to say is SIZE MATTERS! From a skinny, BIG foot chica that is discriminated against by black men for not having enough meat, I say to hell with sizes. Take me as I am, Flaws and all.

  2. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    Yeah I say as long as you look good, whatever size you happen to be then thats cool……but we should all (as african-americans) be more health conscience because you know how we can let our weight get out of hand…………

    • July 15, 2008 - Reply


      Exactly! Keep it healthy…

  3. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    oh yeah, those ladies in that pic are regular size……lol

    • July 15, 2008 - Reply


      I’m the white chick in the middle! lol..

  4. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    I love the new site! I will have to add my email to subscribe to this one because I see where I have missed several posts. Will probably have to save that for another day though because I am updating my resume and its stressing me out.
    I hate to say it but at 5’10 and a size 10 you’re still considered “bony” down here in the south. LOL, of course they call me “healthy” when I am in fact morbidly obese. Go figure.
    Since you called out the lurkers I had to make sure to comment because I really enjoy your blog and it takes the edge off of the pressure I am under at work. (Ahem, hence the resume…) Keep up the great blogs and take care!

    • July 15, 2008 - Reply


      You know, I’ve had a friend of mine call me that before, and they were from Alabama. I usually flip flop btwn a 10 and a 12…Resume, huh? Those are my speciality!

  5. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    Rock and Republic makes jeans for people bigger than a 6? Who’d a thunk it? I haven’t been able to find any premium jeans that were actually the size that they say they are. How in the world do jeans that are sized by waist measurement (like 30, 31, etc) still not fit?

    • July 16, 2008 - Reply


      Hmmm I think they’re using subjects that don’t really have a shape, when they cut the jeans to those sizes.

  6. July 15, 2008 - Reply

    LMAO…why did I just see (visual person) the “(keep the jokes to a minimum, Yashieka!)” I LOVE your Big HAIR! And so what if it weighs about 20lbs?…it’s FABULOUS!
    You’re as fabulous as you want to be…BUT, keep it healthy, keep it healthy!

    • July 16, 2008 - Reply


      See, I figured you’d come back to re-read..that’s why I didn’t mention anything all day long! lol!
      20lbs? Whatever, girl! I’d say about 10…lol

  7. July 16, 2008 - Reply

    I love the idea of that ad I just always hate that they’re wearing white undies… EWW!!! LoL. I’m like prejudice white underwear. No me gusta.

    • July 16, 2008 - Reply

      @Lisa Turtle

      You don’t like tightie whities? LOL

  8. July 16, 2008 - Reply

    Hey FBC,
    Sir Bennie Miles of New York designed a pair of jeans for Ladies with ample ass-ets and picked A puerto rican Black Ladies named Scarlett who tush makes Buffie the Body look like the chick that used to play Ally Mcbeal. They covered her tush in the ad with a banner even though she was just wearing jeans. No nudity, thongs nothing just the jeans.

    • July 17, 2008 - Reply

      @Jaycee Williams

      I’m going to have to look him long ago was this?

  9. July 16, 2008 - Reply

    I hate buying jeans because I am yet to find a pair that actually fits my behind. My weight fluctuates pretty often so I’m never a size for long. I’m always between an 8 and a 12 (yes, I know that’s weird), but I think it’s the cut and style of some of the clothes I wear. Anyhoo…I don’t have that much booty, so jean shopping sucks for me even though they are my favorite article of clothing.
    And Lord, if I didn’t have boob issues growing up, because I was the girl who had the most out of everybody else. I hated them for a long time, but my aunt helped me gain confidence and appreciate them by taking me bra shopping. Did wonders for how I felt about my breasts, and boosted my self-esteem.

    • July 17, 2008 - Reply


      A nice bra does wonders! Believe me I know!

  10. July 16, 2008 - Reply

    I gotta do something about my damn boobs too. This shit is rediculous. Glad to see you’re wearing actual shoes instead of flip flops all the time…

    • July 17, 2008 - Reply


      I now only wear flip flops in the house..LOL
      I threw away about 12 pair the other day…my knees thanked me!

  11. July 17, 2008 - Reply

    Have you ever see the show “How to Look Good Naked”? I love how the embrace body for tall, short, skinny and curvy. Then they pose NAKED! lol its on Lifetime and its an awsesome show with Carson from Queer Eye.

    • July 17, 2008 - Reply


      I’ve heard of the show but I’m not much of a TV watcher nowadays, maybe one day I’ll look it up and check it out.

  12. July 20, 2008 - Reply

    Now, first off, having meat ain’t bad. Having too much meat? That’s another story! (LMBAO) My daughter calls it “back dough.” Now ain’t that too much of nuthin’?
    I most definitely will be checking out the websites for us big-footed ladies. Fashionable shoes for the larger foot can be hard to find.

    • July 20, 2008 - Reply

      @robusta barista

      Yes, make sure you check out the site, right now she’s getting rid of the inventory she has (which are the smaller sizes), so she can make room for new inventory!
      Back dough? LOL Thank god I don’t have any of that lol

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