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Chinese Restaurant With ‘African’ Ban in Kenya Closed Because of Lack of Licenses Not Racism


Yesterday we reported on a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi that banned Africans after 5pm because of security issues. Well apparently the restaurant has been closed, but not because of its racist ways.

According to the Daily Nation, Chinese Restaurant (yes, that’s the name) did not have  a liquor license, a health inspection license, or a license for change of use, because it was once a residential home that was now being used as a restaurant.

“After investigations, we have established that the restaurant did not have the licences (sic) and I have ordered it closed until the management complies,” said Dr Kidero, Governor of Nairobi,  while addressing the media.

So banning Africans after a certain time is ok, but god forbid you don’t have a liquor license.

  1. March 25, 2015 - Reply

    “So banning Africans after a certain time is ok, but god forbid you don’t have a liquor license.”

    playing devil’s advocate… maybe the publicity from closing to africans led to the inspection & they got it closed “legally”.

    • March 25, 2015 - Reply


      @Me I’m sure that’s what it was. But even if they had not closed them down, the backlash they received would have surely hurt them financially.

  2. March 25, 2015 - Reply

    I’m pretty sure all of the license violations were simply the Kenyan way of saying, “go to hell.”

    • March 25, 2015 - Reply


      I’m happy since they do this shit to us all the time.

  3. March 25, 2015 - Reply

    The restaurant closed, that is what is important.

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