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Kentucky Cop Helps Woman in Weight-Loss Fight Finish 10K Race


Asia Ford was determined to finish a 10K race in Louisville, KY, and she found the most amazing ally to help her. This race was just one of a couple of goals the 35-year-old mother has accomplished over the last two years. Her first was losing over 200 pounds.

On Saturday, during mile four in the Rodes City Run 10K, Ford said she started to feel dizzy. And was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to finish the race.

“During mile five, I started crying because I knew my body was experiencing a shutdown,” she said. “I had one mile in front of me and said to my son, ‘It’s time to quit.’ I asked, ‘God, please let me take a few more steps.’ Right when I said that, God brought this man.”

That’s when Louisville Metropolitan Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory stepped in to help. He helped Ford reach a personal record of two hours and seven minutes, which is three minutes shorter than her time last year.

“He said, ‘I want you to look straight ahead of you. We have nothing but a mile ahead of you,'” Ford said.

On Monday, both Ford and Gregory were honored by their town:

“I just thank everyone for being so sweet and the kind words,” Ford said. “It’s really been a blessing. My coach says, ‘Believe in yourself. You’re worth it.” Not only do I feed off God and my kids. I feed off of those words, because I know I’m worth it. So I pass on those words to everybody else.”

  1. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    Congratulations to her-that is a fantastic accomplishment!

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