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Should You See A Trichologist?: Hair & Scalp Problems To Be Concerned About

3. A patient can usually be seen within 1 to 2 weeks. So getting to the problem and possible solving it will be quicker than setting up an appointment and waiting weeks for an opening to see a dermatologist. During the initial consultation, the Trichologist will determine what the problem is. This is when their knowledge and experience is most called upon.

A deeper analysis of the hair or skin may be necessary to help the Trichologist determine the cause of the problem and the best way to treat it. Once the cause is established, the Trichologist will decide:

  • If your problem requires treatment and, if so, what treatment would be most beneficial.
  • If your problem is such that referral to a medical doctor is necessary.
  • If surgical procedures are required, your Trichologist will advise you on the best and most effective methods available.

4. The main objective of the Trichologist is to educate clients on their disorder whether you are dealing with a flaky scalp, psoriasis or any other scalp disorder. There are several reasons for hair loss so the Trichologist will take several tests and steps to find out what could be the problems whether it is diet related or an underlying problem is surfacing. You will have options by going to the Trichologist.

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