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Should You See A Trichologist?: Hair & Scalp Problems To Be Concerned About

Here are 5 Reasons to see a Trichologist:

1. Any issues you are having including hair loss, scalp problems or disorders — or even hair thinning would warrant a trip to a Trichologist. Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and includes disorders of the hair and scalp. Often compared to dermatology, derma means “skin” and trichology means “hair.” That is the major difference between the two.

A Trichologist will do an over-all assessment to solve problems of the hair and scalp to uncover the root cause. Treatment by the Trichologist might consist of the application of a particular cream or lotion to the scalp, the use of nutritional therapy and more.

2. If you are not big on medications and would prefer trying a more natural approach visiting a Trichologist may be a better option. It makes sense for someone who is into natural or DIY treatments/solutions for ailments to see a Trichologist — prior to be prescribed medications to treat the issue.

The desire to live a healthier lifestyle is growing among the world and if you are truly interested in solving the problem with a more homeopathic route — a Trichologist should be your first stop.

“Our approach combines science and natural therapy,” says LaVon Morrow, IAT, WTS, a certified Trichologist through the International Association of Trichologists. “Natural therapy, natural supplements, compounded pharmaceutical grade topical creams and the use of FDA-approved low-level light therapy are a few of the therapies offered. Trichologists often use hyperbaric oxygen treatment for the scalp which has the same benefits as oxygen, as a tissue and wound healer thereby encouraging the circulation and increased cellular activity.”

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