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Phylicia Barnes: Still Missing 2 Months Later

Two months ago, Phylicia Barnes, a 16 year old from North Carolina went missing in the Baltimore area. Two months later her case is unsolved. Unfortunately authorities have yet to make any headway in Phylicia’s case. Today at 6:30pm a vigil will be held at the Reisterstown Square Apartments on Eberle Drive in Baltimore, MD.
I truly can’t imagine what her parents have been going through for the past two months.  I also find it odd that not one person has come forward with information about her disappearance; especially her sister’s ex-boyfriend who was the last person to see her. Anyone with information on Phylicia Barnes’ whereabouts are asked to call the Baltimore City Police Department.

  1. March 2, 2011 - Reply

    This is so sad. Stories like this truly hurt my heart. There was a similar story last year with a young girl named Mitrice. My prayers go out to her and the family. I hope everything works out.

    • March 10, 2011 - Reply

      @Stephanie Clay

      Well here’s hoping Phylicia is found alive since Mitrice’s remains where located a few miles from the police station where they had been holding her.
      The skull and bones found near an abandoned marijuana grove in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu are the remains of 25-year-old Mitrice Richardson, according to officials.
      Richardson was arrested at Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu after being unable to pay an $89 dinner tab and acting bizarrely. She was released from the sheriff’s station after midnight — without her car, purse or cellphone — and vanished.

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