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Mommie Dearest

“No more wire hangers, no more wire hangers!”, I’m not sure why every time I see that scene in, “Mommie Dearest”, I practically die from laughter. I think I might have watched that movie about forty-eleven times growing up. It seemed as though it aired about once a month on the new defunct WPIX Channel 11 in the NYC/NJ area.

As a child, I can honestly say I didn’t have it to bad. My sisters/brother & I were far from being spoiled kids, but we also clearly recognized the boundaries and when NOT to cross the line. Once we crossed that line, we knew there were always going to be some serious repercussions & ramifications.
I think I had it particularly hard because I was the oldest. I also got the “You Need To Set An Example” lecture. But in the back of my mind, I said, “Damn an example, I’m setting precedents”. Yes, I was the first to do many things. The first to run away, the first to cut my hair without my mothers permission, the first to get a tattoo without permission and the first to steal and get caught by the man who owned the bodega across the street from my house.
Now, don’t think all of my firsts were bad! I have done some crazy things growing up, some that still have gone unnoticed, but I rarely got in trouble for them because I was the “Model” student. Good grades were my anti-beatings. Every time I would sense I was about to get into trouble, I’d bring up another “A” I got in school, or an award I won, or how well I did at a track meet or basketball game.

People used to tease my mother by calling her “Mommie Dearest” because of the tight reign she kept on us. But when I think back, I think she did a pretty damn good job raising us. I can honestly say, that during my childhood, I only received two ‘whoopings’ and I can still feel the sting of the ‘switch’ when I think about it. The last ‘whooping’ I received at the hands of “Mommie Dearest” was when I was 14 years old and she discovered that I had a tattoo on my arm, I guess the two weeks work I put into hiding it was a waste of time.

Now with that said, I am a firm believer in spanking a kid’s behind! I came across a You Tube video earlier this week of 7 year old boy who decided to steal his grandmother’s truck, so he could do ‘hood rat stuff’! I repeat, this kid is 7 years old!
Where is his Mommie Dearest?!?!
This kid could have killed people, but he wanted to do ‘hood rat stuff’ with his friend!
But guess what people, the grandmother is afraid to ‘whoop’ him because she’s afraid she might go to jail! The kid feels that an appropriate punishment would be a weekend of no video games (I’m quite sure his grandmother rushed out to buy him Grand Theft Auto, when it was released as well).
This is a prime example, in MY OPINION, of how kids are beating the system. I’ve heard children tell their parents that if they hit them, they’ll call the police! I’ll be damned if my 8 year old threatens me with a call to 911.
So here we have this 7 year old, who knows his grandmother won’t beat him because she’s afraid of what might happen to her. In this day, people are more afraid of their own kids and the ‘paybacks’ they may face from them if they choose to discipline them in their own way.
Jail bait.
I’m sorry, but that’s what that kid is. Is it to late for an intervention? No, I doubt it. Will his grandmother find the means to intervene? Who knows. But there’s one thing I’m certain about, when you’re the parent, it’s your JOB to instill fear in the heart of you kid, not the other way around!
Whatever happened to tough love?
(p.s, I am not condoning the abuse of children which is what Joan Crawford inflicted upon her children.)

For some reason, this is alot funnier in Spanish!

  1. May 9, 2008 - Reply

    I don’t care nuffin out no police. The kid to threaten me with a 911 call is the kid that’ll get told, “Go ahead…if you’re breathing when I finish!” No kid is gonna run roughshod over me. His ass wouldve been good and whooped!

    I couldn’t stand my mom, I thought she was the meanest person in the world…but, I thank her, because in retrospect I see how much better it made me. I was scared to do a lot (not everything)LOL But enough so not to go ahead and be the one to bring home chillens and become a complete loser! LOL I LOVE YOU MOM!! Thanks for being a Mommie Dearest! Love Kiwi

  2. May 10, 2008 - Reply

    I always knew you were a Ms. Goodie Two Shoes(LOL). Oh and that lil junior cellmate #27650 in that video will probably end up killing somebody one day. Its really sad to see a kid that young already fucked in the head.

  3. May 10, 2008 - Reply

    Kiwi: Yeah sounds like we both had the same mother…sometimes I still give mine a serious!

    Rippa: I actually feel bad for him, b/c obviously he’s another kid being taken care of by their grandmother, who’s probably at her witts ends on what to do with him…shit, I’m sure she thought she was done raising kids, now she’s back in the drivers seat again, during a time where kids are worst than they’ve ever have been.

    Oh….I did my dirt growing up as a kid, but I think I was well balanced b/c my school work always came first… I needed something to rub in my sisters & brother’s face.

  4. May 12, 2008 - Reply

    I saw that “do hood rat stuff” video and thats when I really wanted to tear into his little butt!!! I would have made sure the cameras were rolling to catch the ass whooping he would have gotten. My seven year old is mischievious but he has never attempted anything like stealing a car.
    HOWEVER, my mom is a retired first grade teacher *(she taught first grade for over 35 years) towards the end while my Godmother (her friend) was still teaching two of her students stole her car keys from her purse and attempted to steal her car. They guessed that it had to be both of them to do it because one had to work the pedals and the other had to operate the steering wheel. The school building superintendent caught them after they had taken the car out of gear and were trying to maneuver to get the car off of the lot but instead drove over into a field. Had they gone into reverse they would have taken out several cars on the teachers parking lot. They were suspended for the rest of the school year. (I thought that was harsh back then for such young children, but now I totally understand)

    I too am glad my mom instilled that fear in me to make me who I am today.

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