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Serena Williams Wins Australian Open for Her 19th Grand Slam Title


Serena Williams won her 19th Grand Slam title after beating Maria Sharapova 6-3, 7-6 in the women’s singles final of the Australian Open in Melbourne on this past Saturday.

“I’m so honored to be here and to hold this 19th trophy,” Williams said. “I didn’t think it would happen this fast, to be honest, but it feels really good.”

According to the AP, Williams, 33, became the oldest winner of the Australian women’s title in the Open era and moved into second place behind Steffi Graff (22) on the list of major winners in the Open era.

“I would love to get to 22. I mean, 19 was very difficult to get to,” she said. “But I have to get to 20 first, and then I have to get to 21. It will be a very big task.”

In her victory speech, Williams said she never thought winning 19 championships would happen to her.

“I love you back,” she shouted to a fan in the audience before accepting the trophy on court. “In the end I was able to come through. I also have to congratulate Maria who really pushed me tonight. She gave us a great final. “Growing up I wasn’t the richest, but I had a rich family in spirit. Standing here with 19 championships is something I never thought would happen. I went on a court just with a ball and a racket and with a hope.”


Photo Credit: AP

  1. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!

  2. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    Now, go get married and have some tennis playin children so they can STUNT on the next generation.

    • February 2, 2015 - Reply


      Something best said by another woman, but I certainly agree with you!

    • February 2, 2015 - Reply


      Did she express wanting these things?

      • February 2, 2015 - Reply


        Serena Williams ✔ @serenawilliamsFollow
        Desperately. My time will come. RT “@MonzellaC: @serenawilliams Do you ever want to settle down and have children”

        • February 2, 2015 - Reply


          I hope she gets her wish!

  3. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    Oops, I meant to respond to love.tweet.joi.

  4. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    Congratulations to Sister Serena Williams.

  5. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    You can’t hold a champ down! No matter what nasty things people say about her, Serena always steps on their head.

    Serena, yes, champ, you deserve this!!!!

    • February 2, 2015 - Reply


      Preach Sister.

      She overcame a lot. Also, there is a Youtube clip where her father predicted that Serena Williams will be a great tennis player and she will be the best female tennis player of all time. She has great tenacity, courage, athleticism, intelligence, and heart. These characteristics make up champions all day and everyday.

      She is the champ and she has her crown.

      • February 2, 2015 - Reply

        Yes, indeed, to all you said, truth.

        • February 2, 2015 - Reply


          Thank you Sister.

          You always keep it 100 and I respect your wisdom.

  6. February 2, 2015 - Reply

    I’ve been following these sisters since middle school and they never cease to amaze me.

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