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Can’t Touch This: Dwyane Wade Is Giving Us MC Hammer Realness In His New Esquire Photoshoot

The face you make when she looks even better in person.. #finewine #herpapsforthenight

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Gabby, girl, did you approve this outfit? That’s the question many women….and men…..have been rhetorically asking ever since Miami Heat all-starĀ (and husband of actress Gabrielle Union) Dwyane Wade posted this pic from his recent photo shoot with Esquire Magazine on his Instagram page. In the photo, the NBA star is seen outfitted in the a black long-sleeved one-piece jump suit with a plunging neckline accentuated by a single gold button.

#straghitouttaesquiremagazine #fashion #ifyoucantpullitoffyouwontunderstandit #beendoingthis A photo posted by dwyanewade (@dwyanewade) on

To complete the look, DWade added a gold medallion around his neck and his best MC Hammer pose to date.

Seemingly anticipating the endless amount of humorous ridicule that the outfit would cause him, DWade’s caption to accompany the photo suggested that those not feeling his fashion sense might need to catch up with the hashtag #ifyoucantpullitoffyouwontunderstandit. We actually think he pulled it off quite well, to be honest!

Making headlines off the court for his love of fashion is certainly nothing new for DWade and judging from his early reaction to the public response, he’s not phased in the least by those who #dontunderstandit.

(P.S. We just love how he adores his Mrs, don’t you? Black love is a beautiful thing indeed!)

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