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On Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Mother’s In General: There’s No Such Thing As “Proper Mother” Attire

A while back I remember overhearing my son and his friend talking while I was getting dressed to go out with friends. When I walked into the living-room with thigh high leather boots on, jeans and a fitted Bob Marley t-shirt, I heard my son’s friend say, “Your mother doesn’t dress like a mother”. To which my son replied, “How exactly is a mother supposed to dress?” I couldn’t help but to laugh and think to myself that I’m definitely raising him right.

But there are people out there who feel that a mother should dress a certain way. Yesterday, MediaTakeOut published a photo of Blac Chyna showing up to a club in a see-through shirt. The grammatically incorrect post blasted Chyna for dressing provocatively since she’s a mother.

Of course Chyna’s bff, Amber Rose, had a lot to say about the post on MediaTakeOut:

It seems as though no matter how women dress, people have so much to say. There’s no right or wrong way to dress as a mother. If I wanted to go outside in some tatted looking Kanye West sweatpants, people would say something. If I wear a skin-tight body contouring dress, people would say something. So basically, you’re damned if you do. You’re damned if you don’t. So therefore, where what you want to wear and forget about everyone’s opinion.

Using Chyna as an example, I truly doubt she’s running errands with her son in the dress she was photographed in, and even if she was, so be it. More power to her.

Just because a woman has a child(ren), doesn’t mean they all of a sudden should wear plastic garbage bags or clothes that conceal their body. If you got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, still flaunt it. You endured child-birth, you can do what you want.

Image Credits: MediaTakeOut/Amber Rose IG/ FilmMagic

  1. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    I feel so sorry for our nation today. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  2. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    Mothers not Mother’s

    • March 24, 2015 - Reply


      ironic since she blasted the grammar in the original pic…

  3. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    I don’t think Black Chyna and Amber Rose are relevant to 99% of the nation’s mothers. These women pay the bills with their bodies. Showing up at the club with their tits and ass hanging out IS BUSINESS ATTIRE FOR THEM!

    A mother with a real 9-5, going to the club in a short dress or sexy, tight t-shirt in her free time no big deal at all.

    • March 24, 2015 - Reply


      I’ve attended a few “Mommy & Me” group meetings with my niece (Don’t ask) and I wish that I can say that this is true all of the time.

      • March 24, 2015 - Reply


        I’m not sure what you mean.

        • March 24, 2015 - Reply


          I was replying to your “…no big deal” comment.
          In some circles (in my case, my niece’s “Mommy & Me” classes), the way a “mommy” would dress will be scrutinized and her character will be degraded. And I don’t mean just the moms who show up to the classes, in yoga shorts and barely there sports bras either.

          • March 24, 2015 - Reply


            For sure, any woman that looks sexy will be judged, and other women will often be the nastiest. Men usually just want to get nasty!

            I was just speaking for myself in saying that a woman who is a mother is also entitled to a personal life. If she has time to hang out in an adult setting, and look sexy, she have a guilt free good time!

  4. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    Any woman just about can be a mother, doesn’t mean that woman isn’t a tacky dresser.

  5. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    If they want to club let them. Jesus!

    • March 24, 2015 - Reply


      exactly. maybe we should go around counting all the dads that walk around w/their underwear showing or w/no shirt on or w/just a tank top on in the summer time. but we all no that nobody would make a scandal outta them b/c they’re men.

      • March 25, 2015 - Reply



  6. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    Like in many cases of life, the truth lies in between the two extremes. We can’t do what we want to do, because that is impossible (and social nihilism is wrong). Also, we shouldn’t be too puritanical in the sense of violating individual freedoms either. At the end of a day, there are a lot more important issues to be discussing than how about a mother’s wardrobe at a club. There are lot of people who suits and ties and they are some of the biggest polluters, financial criminals, and war mongers alive. Therefore, we judge people on the content of their character not necessarily on their clothing attire.

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