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Kerry Washington Covers Marie Claire With Article Penned by Lena Dunham


Kerry Washington covers next month’s Marie Claire and looks absolutely amazing. In the cover article, Washington is interviewed by Girls creator Lena Dunham. Yes we know, Dunham isn’t a favorite around these parts. Washington discusses her love of sneakers, privacy and all things dealing with love. Especially when it comes to her daughter Isabelle.

“I just want [daughter Isabelle] to know that she’s heard. Really heard, because I feel like that is what we all really want. When I think about any of the missteps in my life that I’ve made, all of which I’m grateful for, it’s because I just so wanted to be truly seen and heard for who I am and was afraid I wasn’t or wouldn’t be. I see you, I hear you, I’m with you as you are.”

Dunham, who says she’s worships Washington, thinks Washington is the ideal woman.

Check out interview snippets and a few photos from Kerry’s cover feature in our gallery!

Photo Credits: Marie Claire


  1. March 13, 2015 - Reply

    Life is certainly about growth. One paramount fact of life is that we will make mistakes. The point of life is to learn from them, so we can live a better life in the present and in the future than the past. Kerry Washington is a woman with a great daughter.

  2. March 14, 2015 - Reply

    Kerry Washington is a young woman who is constantly evolving i like her.

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