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Jill Scott Says She Only Dates Guys for Six Months


Actress/Singer Jill Scott sat down with ABC News Radio to dish on her latest project, Lifetime’s With This Ring — in which she co-stars alongside Regina Hall and rapper Eve.

In the interview, Scott revealed how the film has changed her views on relationships and why she only dates men for 6 months max.

Check out the highlights below.

On what With This Ring taught her about her own love life:

“The movie made us all think about what we’re doing. You know, what are we doing? For the married girls, it made them question and decide for certain that they made the right decision on who they married. They thought about it — not to say they hadn’t before — but we talked about that: why they chose to marry these guys,” she says. “And for Regina and I, the two single girls, we really thought about what it is that we want.”

On why her past relationships didn’t work:

“You can hold your stomach in for four hours, but you can’t hold it in forever,” she explains in a metaphor. “You have to be who you are and you have to genuinely love who you love in order to have a lasting marriage. Getting married is one thing; staying married is something else.”

On her 6-month dating rule:

“I’m older now so I see a little bit better than I did before. My longest relationships now are about nine months. Actually, now it’s grown to six months,” she tells ABC News Radio. “There’s no need for me to waste my time or anybody else’s. I know by then. If you make it over the six month hump, you have done something. I must really like you.”


Lifetime’s With This Ring premieres Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo Credits: Lifetime

  1. January 23, 2015 - Reply

    To each its own. That is Jill Scott’s right. She is a grown woman.

    • January 23, 2015 - Reply

      If Jill thinks she can pick the right man in less than 9 months, she’s crazy. First of all, 9 months isn’t forever and people keep secrets and put on their best face for much longer than that. Yes, there are clues but the clues don’t add up until later. Hindsight is and always will be 20/20.
      I think she is hurt. She’s disappointed. If anything, she’s limiting the timeline on her relationships in order to prevent falling in love. There are two disadvantages to giving her relationships a timeline: 1, You don’t truly grow into friends. 2, You still don’t know that dude. These two things result in keeping the wrong ones and throwing away the wrong ones. JMHO.
      Jill – I got the brotha for you. You’ve already met him and he was married at the time so he didn’t holla. He’s normal and successful. Hit me!!

      • January 24, 2015 - Reply


        Your comment makes perfect sense. It takes time to know people and it takes effort to make a relationship work. So if you give up too quickly you won’t learn anything from that experience. I understand that no one wants to waste time, but you can’t rush things either.

  2. January 24, 2015 - Reply

    I will be glad when she settles down and meets someone.

  3. January 25, 2015 - Reply

    Jill Scott is dickmatized.

  4. January 30, 2015 - Reply

    I’m not mad. It doesn’t take long for you to date someone before you know whether you LIKE them or not. After a certain amount of time either you’re making a commitment or NOT. If you keep a rotation of quality men, SOMEBODY should stand out and step up as a serious candidate. If one doesn’t then yeah what are you sticking around for? Women have to start dating to increase the chance of finding Mr. Right 4 You!.

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