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A Father Recreated Classic Album Covers Using His Sons



In a few days, it’ll be the 20th anniversary of Nas’ “Illmatic” release. Not only is the album a classic, but the cover is as well.  When you think of music, back in the day, the covers of CDs and albums were given a lot of thought. Even now, on sites like eBay, original album art is a big deal.

But why buy, when you can recreate them yourself?

Take for example, Lance Underwood, a father of two young boys. Underwood has recreated several iconic album covers with the help of his two sons. The results are quite impressive.  Underwood not only touches upon some of the great hip-hop albums, but also Jazz greats like, Miles Davis’ “Rebirth of Cool”, and Nat King Cole’s “The Very Thought of You”.

You can check out the full collection here.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to “Illmatic” yourself, head over to


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  2. April 10, 2014 - Reply

    This is so adorable.

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    LOVE this idea! will be trying it out with my baby.

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