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Black Twitter Puts Black Celebs on Blast with #BlackCelebsBeLike

Arnold Turner

Over the weekend, black celebrities who have securely established their ‘sell out’ status were put on blast on Twitter with #blackcelebsbelike.

Celebrities such as Common, Kanye West and Raven-Symoné were especially put on blast for their views about racism.

It seems as though people are now starting to notice how some black celebrities seemingly forget about issues plaguing black people, as soon as they get a little, or a lot of status, behind their names.

But that’s not to say there aren’t black celebrities who are out there making statements and are knowledgeable when it comes today’s social issues.

Jessie Williams, Talib Kweli, Big Mike, and Kerry Washington have all been vocal when it comes to things that matter in the lives of black people. If only the racial draft was a real thing, we could easily get rid of the ones who aren’t.

  1. March 23, 2015 - Reply

    Hey sweetheart big mike is my dad , you meant killer mike lol.

  2. March 23, 2015 - Reply

    This is the hashtag of 2015, so far. GO AWF BLACK TWITTER! lol.

  3. March 23, 2015 - Reply

    Basically, New Blacks = The New House Slaves.

    Maybe, they should rename the hashtag “#Sometimesitpays2beahouseslave”.

  4. March 23, 2015 - Reply

    Get em black Twitter, GET EM! (i hope they went in on Pharell and his ‘happy’ a@#)

  5. March 24, 2015 - Reply

    black Twitter is a national treasure

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