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Beyoncé Releases New Video ‘Die With You’

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As part of their anniversary celebration, Beyoncé released a new song and video “Die With You”. The romantic ballad pays homage to her love of Jay-Z. Recorded by Jay-Z, the video features a dressed down Beyoncé, playing a few keys on the piano while singing.

At first the video was only released on Tidal, but of course, it was uploaded to YouTube within a matter of moments. Guess you can throw out that ‘exclusive’ aspect of Tidal.

Speaking of Tidal, ironically Jay Z is starting to pack up his music on Spotify. By packing up, we mean pulling it off the rival music streaming service. First up, Reasonable Doubt. Gone from Spotify. This is actually a big move for Jay Z, because he can do it. But other artists who aren’t rolling in the dough and don’t actually ‘own’ their own music can’t.

  1. April 6, 2015 - Reply

    I like it. Very rare these days not to hear vocals without a ton of electrical manipulation.

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