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Amber Rose Celebrates Being a ‘Bad Bitch’ By Posing As Feminist Icons for Paper Magazine

Amber Rose as Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes

Amber Rose as Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes

Amber Rose may have been introduced to the public as Kanye West’s muse, but the mother/business woman/self-proclaimed “bad bitch” has blossomed into an outspoken feminist.

To celebrate her transition, and the publication of her book How to Be A Bad Bitch, Rose posed for Paper Magazine editorial that let the Philly native channel feminist icons throughout history from War World II poster gal Rosie the Riveter and Susan B. Anthony, to Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes.


Rose says the vicious comments she received after her split from her ex husband,Wiz Khalifa, inspired her to be more outspoken about feminism, slut-shaming, and sex-positivity.

“I would look on [Wiz’s] Instagram and he would have pictures of all these women all over him… and then I would post a picture of me and my son. And people would be like, ‘Does your son know that his mother’s a whore? People are like, ‘Wiz is out fucking mad bad bitches and you’re at home crying over him because he’s the best thing that fucking ever happened to you and now you’re just a fat, bald-headed single mother and no one will ever love you.’ So yeah, I guess months of seeing shit like that, I was just like, ‘I can’t live like this. There’s something wrong.'”

Back in October, Rose hosted a “slut walk” to denounce harassment and protest double standards women face. The diverse crowd echoed what Rose hopes to accomplish as a feminist: to bring all women together.


Amber Rose as Susan B. Anthony

“Like, all of us as women, let’s just stick together and look out for each other. I was really glad that my Slut Walk was extremely diverse. There were all types of women from all walks of life there,” she told Paper. “That would be the main thing for me… really just try to take the racism out of feminism for our generation.”

  1. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    Good photo shoot. But once again, perceived WHITENESS allows Amber to do this. She gets a lot of flack, but you see she got corporate support for her slut walk. Wish Black women, who IDENTIFY AS BLACK, go this same type of support.

    • December 3, 2015 - Reply


      Yep! Very true. Also Amber Rose is ‘meh’ to me

  2. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    I need an afro wig….that is all.

    • December 3, 2015 - Reply


      Go head with ya good self then.

  3. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    During these times, we should learn more about heroic women throughout history who stood up for justice. I don’t agree with Amber Rose’s title of her book and on other issues. What I do agree with her is that double standards do exist involving human sexuality and we have to oppose harassment and misogyny. Human sexuality and sex positivity are important topics to discuss among the human family. We have to improve society, so any woman can be liberated and have total equality without exception.

  4. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    She’s very photogenic.

  5. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    I don’t like it. She probably is unaware of what is even going on in her own country. It was iconic so why not company. She like the Kartrashians do things for personal gain never for something really good. If they choose to do good they drag the cameras along with them. When ever anyone like Amber do something that is political, I don’t think they really understand they just do it to get the praise. If she cares why is she not in the streets with the protesters or making a scene about. Oh wait? It’s about the money and the social media followers. Black or mixed big celebrities do no really care they may drop a line hear and there but they still live in bubbles non the less.

  6. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    Not sure I get her point. She is not a feminist.

    • December 3, 2015 - Reply


      Says who?

  7. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    Photos look nice. That’s all I have to say.

  8. December 3, 2015 - Reply

    And how is this suppose to “empower” women?

    Look I have nothing against Amber, but the fact is, she has sold her “brand” based on sex appeal, and little else! As a mature woman, I fail to see why anyone would want refer to themselves a “bad b*tch”. Our continuing struggle is bigger than this!

    Harriet Tubman’s was a scout, as well as recusing an untold amount of people from slavery.
    Rosa Parks took a stand by the simple act of sitting down; she is the mother of a movement.
    Bessie Coleman was the first Black female pilot; she reached to the sky for her dreams.
    Angela Davis professor and activist, stood alone and never once stepped back.

    So Amber does a “great photo shoot” portraying women who have taken a stand or have represented our strength, courage and daring . . . . and this means what to me? And this means what to other women?

    • December 3, 2015 - Reply


      Tell it!

    • December 5, 2015 - Reply


      beautifully written …

  9. December 4, 2015 - Reply

    I’m glad these photos had captions, I had no idea who she was suppose to be in the last pic

  10. February 23, 2016 - Reply

    She’s Drop Dead Gorgeous! I loved when she guest starred in Blackish! These photos are amazing, her face is naturally perfect!

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